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This morning I woke up missing Denmark more than usual… For no special reason, really. My traveling feet just suddenly itched with wanderlust again. Dreaming of places they haven’t walked yet, cities they long to set foot in… Humming random names to my still sleepy ear, to tempt me…

Randers, Vejle, Helsingør…

I’d like to please them. I’d like it so much!

But not today, my dear twin fellows… Today we’ve got to go to work.


Do you have traveling feet too? Where do they want to take you?

28 thoughts on “Wanderlust…

    1. Hehehehehe I know the feeling. I live just under an air corridor, and everytime a plane flies over my head, the dang traveling feet start getting excited… “Let’s fly away too!!” they scream in unison. Soon enough my friends, soon enough! LOL

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    1. 🙂 cabins are such a lovely retreat, I understand how your traveling feet itch to go there! We are renting one, Chéri, my bf and I for a long weekend in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to spend time by the lake. No worries, all electronics off. Just us, nature, good food and great giggles!!


    1. 🙂 It is cool to have a more “accessible” happy place… But I like your enthusiasm about these dream destinations! I wish you to visit them all :)They are all great picks, and all places I have yet to visit!!

      Thank you for the always good vibe you bring to The Cove *hugs*


      1. Awh! Thanks for your wish, we will see what happens. 🙂 I hope you get to go back to Denmark . We just have such a big, beautiful world to explore!

        Thanks for your kind words! I enjoy visiting the Cove! Yours and my favorite spot in the woods that I love to go to is called The Cove. 🙂

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      2. Awww 🙂 Well, that is a compliment I’ll hold close to my heart!!

        We do live in a big, beautiful world… We won’t get to see it all, but I hope to see as much of it as possible 🙂


  1. I want to go to Italy… and stay long enough to speak Italian fluently… or stay forever. I know I won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future, though. It’s just not possible… so I try to lose myself in my “secret book” where I’ve written myself off to Paris…

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      1. The secret book began by me taking some ideas from something I wrote in college (which sucked). But I never felt that there was “enough” plot… like, not dramatic enough, I guess. And I never wanted to let the characters go so I never ended it. It’s just kind of hanging there waiting for me to add more. But at this point, it’s just going on and on, and I’m sure it’s only appealing to me to read it myself… and I actually do that often. I like to be the girl in the story… so I pretend I am.

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      2. 🙂 That sounds good… I like to re-read parts of the chicklit book I wrote a couple of years back. Like you, I enjoy letting myself pretend I am the main character. It is one of the payoffs of being a wannabe writer: you can write yourself the perfect story just for you 😉

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      3. That’s exactly what I did… I wrote the life I wish I had but can never have. Well, parts of it. This one has been swimming around in my head (and my laptop) for a very long time… years… more than five… can’t remember exactly.

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  2. lol just travelling around my state visiting Mum and my soul family … can’t wait to get home and settle down into routine … being a nomad for far too long I can’t wait to get off grid but it will mean cutting back on my blogging … 😦


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