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Hello Lovelies,

I am not very active online, outside the world of WordPress. I have an account for pretty much every other platform out there, but I don’t really use them. In part because I don’t see the use of just publishing my WP posts on other sites. I don’t have enough “followers” on Twitter, for an example, to expect extra visits in The Cove, just because I tweet my links.

Changing my tablet, yesterday, has forced me to revisit my Twitter and Instagram profiles, to make sure I remembered my passwords and still had access to what little I had posted there.

I am getting better with Twitter (who would have guessed??) but I have terribly neglected my Instagram account the past few months. I am tempted to do something about it.

I have already started a series of micro poems under the hashtag #MyTwitterTreats, that I don’t post here, and I’ll try to post new pictures related to my After Eight Moments, my daily life and my travels, on Instagram.

So if you want to see a little more, come and look for me there!

Twitter: @CovesTales

Instagram: @TheCyranny


And let me know where I can find you, if I don’t follow you already!

14 thoughts on “Social medias…

      1. Hahahahahaha we’re all a bunch of stalkers, stalking each other! As long as I don’t get a brick in my living room window with a note attached to it, it’s all good 😛

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  1. I already follow you everywhere and I think you follow me, too. I try to keep up with both Twitter and Instagram… but I’m not always great at it. I’ve also been trying to use both of those a little more lately… but I think I’m failing…!

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      1. I think I’ve let my Instagram account gather dust bunnies for months… LOL and I can’t say I am very active on Twitter… Let things go, and when you feel like it, I am sure you’ll do just fine when the timing is right 🙂

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