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Summer Wanderlust…



Lick wanderlust right
from my lips,
Let’s get you lost
somewhere ‘round
my hips… With you,
I would go anywhere!
But tell me baby,
Now, would you dare?
I got us tickets to
cloud number nine
On the side of the moon
where the sun doesn’t shine.
Take my hand, lead
the way, surprise me!
Take me somewhere
that only spells out “we”



Via the Word of the Day prompt: Wanderlust

21 thoughts on “Summer Wanderlust…

  1. Very sweet love poem … I knew a guy who used to ask girls to run away with him to a really gross area and when I asked why he said “coz if you’ll come there with me I know you are coming for me, not what I can offer” … 🙂

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      1. You probably won’t believe me, but I am really a banana romantic, with a realist’s peel. I am much more serious and pragmatic in my everyday life. That might explain why I love letting my soft side express itself here…

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