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Just thinking…



I am starting to have quite a nice crowd of blogger-fellows in Australia. If most Aussies are like them, I definately have to visit someday. Soon.

Because of you, Aussie-friends, I frequently “translate” time when I am working on my blog. It is becoming natural, and I can easily say when you are about to go to sleep, or when the sun is rising up, at the other end of the Earth.

But it just hit me tonight (don’t ask me how I got to that thought) that Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer in Australia. Well, actually, at first, I was thinking about pictures taken recently, after some sort of a snow storm, somewhere in Australia. And I wondered… “Oh, it really is winter over there. I wonder when they celebrate Christmas…” VERY closely followed by “Woo! I know they celebrate Christmas the same day we do… But… That means…. That they celebrate it during summer??

I celebrated Christmas without snow, five years in a row (while I lived in Guinea) but there never was a winter…

Now I wonder about Aussie Christmas traditions.

That’s it.

(time to be disappointed) (lol)









28 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. A lot of apChristmases without snow for me and my family, living in TX. Here it almost always snows on Christmas Eve at least. That’s the best. Funny thing in CO, it snowed and was really cold every Halloween when the kids were little.

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    1. Here, Hallooween is a big gamble every year… sometimes it is super comfortable, but we can also get windy & rainy time, or even snow… I remember going trick or treating wearing my snowsuit under my costume as a kid 😛


  2. Christmas can be a nightmare. 🙂 When the kids were little, we’d all do the big, traditional xmas thing with roast turkey and christmas pudding – both heavy to eat and a misery to cook when the temperature is up in the 30’s [sorry can never do the coversion to fahrenheit].
    These days we’re a little more relaxed and have a lot of delicious salads and cold dishes instead. And then there’s that other unwelcome visitor – the spectre of bushfires. Would far rather have a traditional xmas in the northern hemisphere. 😀

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    1. First of all, don’t worry about Farenheit, we use Celsius here in Québec too 🙂

      Yeah, I figured that meals like the ones we prepare here for Xmas would be way too heavy for summer weather.

      Do you have Xmas music playing everywhere, like here? Because I can’t imagine songs like “White Christmas” playing while you have a 30+ Celcius day 😛


      1. Um…I guess we must have the christmas carols, but either I simply haven’t noticed them or they’re not that bad, I really don’t know. We do have the decorations everywhere. And every shop screaming ‘buy me, buy me’. -sigh- probably the same the world over.

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      2. Oh I think the commercial side to it is pretty universal, unfortunately. I feel lucky, in my family, the gift-giving was never focused on how many/how big were the gifts we recieved…


      3. Those are the perfect gifts… you know the person who gives it put a lot of heart in it, and you don’t get stuck with something you might not even use 🙂


  3. that’s why most of us are currently doing Christmas in July luncheons … too hot to have the traditional meals in summer …. we usually hang out down the beach to stay cool 🙂
    Thanks for thinking of us, much appreciated 🙂

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      1. I tried it once (after my little bro spent a month in Australia, and brought some back with him) and I won’t say “yuck”, but even if I love salty things, I would need a lot of time getting used to the VERY particular taste 😉

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  4. ummmm I don’t want to disappoint you but Australia (and Finland) doesn’t exist, its all been made up by the British and anyone who says they live in Australia are actors. I can expand upon the whole thing if necessary, but lets just live in this flat world without Australia and Finland, because it is bloody funny

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