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Late evening monologue…



I light a cigarette,
fill my cup,
tilt my head…
I drink your silence,
head spinning
from the mystery.

Your blurred lines
forcing me to close
my eyes for a moment.

Speak softly, but
don’t say too much…
Men always end up
lying anyway.

Take care of the sun for me,
will you?
While I rest for a while…


13 thoughts on “Late evening monologue…

    1. You sweet young lady 🙂 You always put a smile on my face!!

      I think no one would get tired to get love like that… And I’ll never take your compliments for granted! Thank you, again Saraa! Muuuuuuuah!


    1. It is good to be back on the horse…. I was really missing letting these stories out. It is doing me a lot of good to write again 🙂 Thanks for tagging along, it is much appreciated! *hugs*


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