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Thankful — It’s Me Saraa

Dear Lovelies,

Last Monday, I published a post (A hug for Saraa) after reading about a dear blogger friend of mine, who had just lost her little brother.

I asked you to visit her over, and give her a cyber-hug. WordPress is a great, tight community, and it is in times like this that we can make a difference in people’s lives by sticking together.

The respond was amazing, and I’d like to thank you all for the support you expressed on Saraa’s blog! It is wonderful to see that even people who had never heard of her took a couple of minutes to leave a comforting comment… Thank you!

To you, my sweet Lebanese Princess, my warmest thoughts still travel your way, everyday!


You can read Saraa’s thanks after the love wave that was sent her way, by clicking on the link below:

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening ( depends where you’re at ). As some of you guys know what kind of tragedy I went through and experienced these past few days, I shared some of it on my latest post. At first, it was just about sharing news with you. It was something i’ve written […]

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9 thoughts on “Thankful — It’s Me Saraa

  1. you are the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful person … I count it a real blessing to call you “Friend” ,,, thank you for all you do for others, for the meaningful connections … you are love and light 🙂

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    1. Kate… You are such a kind hearted and inspiring woman. I am the one who is blessed to have such a spirit lifting friend in times like this. Thank you for your support to Saraa, and thank you for always finding a way to make me feel special, even in my most quiet days. It really means a lot to me. *Love* xx

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  2. I didnt know her. but I am so glad I sent loving hugs and good warm thoughts and vibes her way! she needs them! and your right, this wp community, we stick together, through thick and thin! xo

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