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Who am I tonight?

Some of you might remember my Darth Vader shadow, last winter…

Can you guess who I was, tonight??


(I’m counting on you, Sonofa… LOL)

And, yes… I am forty years old. *sigh*

22 thoughts on “Who am I tonight?

    1. Thank you, Kate 🙂 But it wasn’t my bday… I just meant that I was being childish LOL But if/when we win the 60 million bucks, I’d like to come and celebrate it all over again, Aussie-style 😉 xx

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      1. Great, I’m very keen to meet you in person! So my wish would be to have a minimum of a day of me showing you around, chatting, lazy lunch, beach walk, etc … get the drift, oh and Brutus would have to take you out for a pub dinner … no tooters here but I’m sure the Shaw’s Bay Hotel would be a reasonable substitute 🙂

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      2. That sounds really lovely… I know we’d have a wonderful time 🙂 I’m sure Chéri wouldn’t be too hard to convince, about the trip… I just have to make a budget 😉 You’ll be the first to know when we start planning our little “tour”!

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      3. I know… Like Momma and Miriam! And I am sure I’d meet lots of awesome non-blogging Aussies too… I just love to mingle with locals when I travel 🙂 That’s the best way to get to know a new country!


    1. Thank you Brutus 😉 I celebrated that almost 3 months ago, though 😛 What I meant here was that I was being childish with my shadow-on-sidewalk picture taking, hehehehe

      But I would enjoy a second birthday party, if it meant cheering with you and Kate 🙂

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      1. Thank you 🙂 but it is not actually my birthday. I just meant that it was childish of me to take pictures of my shadow in the middle of the night 😛


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