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Booby Prize! From me, to me… With love!

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Ok, Life didn’t really throw lemons at me. Or limes. Not even kumquats. But I lost, nonetheless. And I must admit, yesterday night, it hit me harder than I thought it would. I knew I wouldn’t win… But I have a true gift for making myself believe dreams can come true. So, until the very last minute, I had this little voice in my head telling me “you never know…”

But Life isn’t a fairy tale, and I didn’t win, and I was sad.

So what did I do? I guess most women would have craved shoe-shopping, but I couldn’t care less about shoes. And shoe stores were closed too! But The Internets weren’t and I thought… “Well, it’d be nice to own!”

I have been thinking about upgrading my WordPress plan for a little while now. After two and a half years of blogging, I am guessing this is not just a phase.  And after a chat with Danny, I finally made the move. So, yeah, I don’t own a house, but I now have my domain, which, I think, is pretty cool.

Cyranny has been my nickname for over twenty years now… And many times, I thought that eventually, I’d have to try to make mine. It would have been weird to visit the adress, and see someone else’ s universe or business there. So it might be silly, but it feels pretty good to own my online name!

It also means that I’ll be able to do new things too. I won’t give details, just now, but I’ll keep you posted in the coming days/weeks. This is all pretty exciting.

I know… it doesn’t take much to excite me! Just imagine if I had won that contest… My guess is that I would have blown up. Or maybe I would have suffered spontaneous combustion… Maybe even worse.

So, yeah. This won’t mean much to you all, aside from the fact that you won’t be bothered by advertisement in The Cove anymore. But it does make a big difference to me!

Welcome at !





50 thoughts on “Booby Prize! From me, to me… With love!

  1. Way to go my friend. I did this a couple of years ago after making the decision to blog on WordPress full time. I am using the premiere plan where I get a lot of options for customization and additional space.

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  2. Happy that it was available for you!
    I felt like I took a big step when I bought my domain a while back. I can’t afford to upgrade beyond that, but I wanted the domain. I’m confused about the space issues you mentioned, though. I am only using 13% of my (free) storage space. Maybe I don’t post as much as I think I do??

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      1. Wow! Not that many! I only have 1057 published and 22 drafts. So not that many by comparison. I do have lots of pictures, though. At least I thought I did. LOL But then again, most days I only post once… especially lately since I can’t write… so even though I’ve been blogging since Sept 2015, I am way behind you on number of posts!

        It would suck if I was running out of space because I can’t spend the money right now anyway…

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      2. 😀
        I was good for a period a while back. Especially with poetry. Sometimes posting multiple times a day… and they were even good posts! But now, I’m all dried up. Basically, unless I’m bitching about my life, I barely post anything. There are times when I think my blog is dying a slow painful death because I don’t have anything to post anymore…

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    1. Oh yeah! Every reason is good for a little Victory dance! There was a little eye rolling from Freja, but I didn’t care! hehehe

      Thank you, Jay-lyn 🙂 xx


      1. Cheri must be your bff cause that sounds exactly like something mine would say to me. (Sorry do not have fancy french mark. I disabled that feature on my phone because I was always accidentally hitting it and sending bizarre french messages. 😂😂)

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      2. Hehehehe I totally understand! Autocorrect alone can be quite annoying!

        Chéri is my boyfriend… He knows how to deal with my inner 12 years old self 😛 Not many people could do that LOL


  3. Very glad for you, am keen to see how this changes your blogging/posts!
    I’m a tight wad, recycle my photos and delete posts regularly … thought that was the idea of cyber space …

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  4. I upgraded to the “Personal” plan a few months ago. So welcome to having your own domain. You mentioned in an earlier comment that you had used 88% of your free space. Dumb question: where do you go on the site to find out how much space you’ve used and have available. I can’t find it anywhere.

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    1. Questions are never dumb! There are just dumb answers!! When working on a post, if you click on the “Add” and then “Media”, you have it in the top right corner of the window 🙂 Tell me if you can’t find it!

      Thank you for the warm welcome! 🙂 xx


      1. Got it. I mostly use the WordPress app on my iPhone, and that data doesn’t show up there. But I found it on my laptop and I’m good. I’ve used 630 Mb out of 6 Gb, so I’ve only used slightly more than 10% of my available media space. Thanks.

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  5. Way to go in treating yourself and getting your own domain. I have been thinking of it and now am even more encouraged too! Also even bigger is way to keep thinking positive. Always keep that dream alive! My kids sometimes tell me that I am too hopeful, too optomistic, but hey you really just never know, so why not hang onto the hope! 🙂 ❤


    1. 🙂 I really like it… And I think that putting some money on my blog will be a motivation to keep going on, even when Life tries to get in the way… Because it sure has a way to do just that 😛


      1. Don’t I know it! That is a great idea though. I know there are a great many people that are happy you persevere in your blogging, including me of course.😊


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