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You, Swan…


This is your time,
your season, your
spring… Bloom like
a lilly, spread wide
your wings! For this
is You, finally whole!
Singing in perfect
harmony, body and
soul… Rejoice my friend,
the pain will fade, and
in the end, truth be
made, the world is
Your lake and you are
the Swan… This is your
time, the past is gone!


This was inspired by recent events I shared in parts, though from far far away, with a dear friend blogger. I won’t mention her name, unless she expresses the will that I do… But when you read this, Lady, I hope you’ll see it as a humble token of how happy I am for you, right now!  Be happy, be fabulous, be you!! xx

22 thoughts on “You, Swan…

      1. it’s not easy but if we don’t try we will die wondering having wasted our life … it might take a few attempts but we can soar with the eagles if we follow our dreams!

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  1. I can definitely relate… I especially like the bit about the pain fading. 😘 And if I do not presume incorrectly, I am deeply moved xxx


  2. What a great start to PYM 3.21! May we all find our wings and may we all have someone to support us like this. Thank you for sharing and I wish your friend well! — Stephen


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