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What if?

I keep telling people to chase their dreams. I know that dreams can come true! Some of my dreams have come true! And there is no reason I should sit back and not try anymore… Right?

I believe in preaching by example. It is the best way to prove you’re right. And I am about to do it.

My best friend just sent me an email, with a link to Wow Airlines’ website, who are currently hosting a contest. They are offering a summer-long project of blogging and vlogging, through Iceland and different other destinations, covered by Wow Air’s network. The winning person or duo gets to be paid to travel for free for 2 and a half months, starting June 1st, and share their wanderings online!

Guess who’d be in for that?

Ok…. My video subscription has to be sent by Monday…. And I know my boss would be less than excited to see me leave for 10 weeks (Chéri probably wouldn’t be too happy about it either). But hey! What are the odds of me actually winning this contest anyway??

So, you guessed it, I’m trying it out! Even if it means sending an anything but professional video to enter the contest, and probably just making myself look silly…

I’ll try anyway. And by the end of next week, I’ll know if this was meant to be! We all know it probably isn’t, but the only way to be sure I won’t win is by not participating.

So wish me luck! And if by any chance you are good a video editing, have a little bit of time off this weekend, and would like to help me out… Please let me know!


Just in case you want to read more about the contest, click here.

59 thoughts on “What if?

      1. I will be so envious of your trip to Iceland I have always wanted to go since my dad’s family originally came from there. But I could live vicariously through your pictures and blog so that works for me too. 🙂

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      2. I’ll have special thought for you, if I ever get selected! It’ll be nice to capture the beauty of Iceland knowing it is in part to bring you closer to your own dream!! 🙂 *fingers crossed*

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    1. 🙂 I’ll keep you all informed!! I’m trying to convince my brother to come do some filming with me tomorrow… LOL Two heads are always better than one… especially when one of the two is my brother’s 😛

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  1. is there anywhere on that website we can post and recommend YOU for the free trip? I am praying, crossing fingers and will to write all kinds of letters on your behalf!

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    1. Not really, unfortunately… but I am thinking about posting a “Send me to Iceland” post, so people could “support” my subscription, and I would link it in my application! Also, if I understood well (I did read the rules a little fast – I was getting ready for work) I think I have to post the video on YouTube, so, in that case, you can also come and give a thumb up to my 2 minutes of fame… Plus, see me live! That will be a first 😛 Poor Internets!!

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      1. This is giving me such a boost of energy… Even if I know my chances are slim, the more I think of it, the more I want to do it… It would probably look a lot like my first trip around Denmark, moving every other day to another city… Just around the world this time!! Woot woot! Choose ME Wow!!


    1. All the luck is precious 🙂

      I am clueless too… I am really bad with this kind of things. But if I have to do it on my own, I’ll just do a really bad video and focus on making my writen presentation interesting for them 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you, dear Kate! 🙂

      I asked Chéri… he is thinking about it. But I am not sure he’d take the challenge. It is a 38 destinations over 10 weeks I’ll know more about it tonight when I get home 😛

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      1. I will take care of it tomorrow morning, as I spent all day today working on that “video” of mine… I always do the less pleasant things first when I want to make sure to be in time… 😉

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    1. Thank you, Candice! It is barely believable that I could get paid to do my two favorite things… Traveling and blogging about it! I’ll put a lot of heart in my application, even if the odds are slim 🙂

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    1. I totally agree, Anne! And you never know when your health will go downhill either. Why not seize every opportunity while we can?? And it is not as if I had a house to take care of, or children I’d be leaving behind… I really hope this will be for me 🙂

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      1. Yes! We took our two and four year old kids and took off to Australia and traveled around in a campervan for 6 months. Everyone said we were mad but not the older people we knew. They applauded and said there is no point waiting for tomorrow. If this is meant to happen for you it will and if not something else will appear!

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      2. Our son, who was four, remembers the trip but our daughter , who was only two does not remember too much. However i remember notable things about her there. Her first full sentence came when she stepped out , barefoot, onto the metal step of our campervan in the hot sun. She pulled her little foot up and said; “This bloody step’s HOT.” The Aussies say ” bloody” a lot and i found this hilarious that she had picked it up.

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    1. Thank you, Biff!! And you know what?? If I win, there are very very good chances I’ll be traveling tooooooo….. *Drumroll* TEXAS!!! So get ready to come with your hand made sign at the airport!! I expect you to come and at least give me a great big-brotherly hug!!

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      1. Woo hoo! Come on down! I will definitely stand at the airport with a handmade sign. Of course, it might say, “Where am I?” But you’ll know it’s me by the bewildered look on my face.

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      2. LOL I’ll look for the weirdest sign, or the one with the fanciest words on it! 😉 Or maybe it will be a mix of the two? 😉

        Even without a sign, I’m sure the family instinct will kick in 😛

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      3. Or maybe just a bunch of words that are apropos of nothing. I’ll be the guy with the randomly-worded sign!

        But, yes, you should be able to understand it just fine. Thanks, genetics!

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