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Cyranny’s Jukebox…




Woke up this morning, with a splitting headache. Business as usual.

Surprisingly, silence wasn’t welcome today. I usually enjoy sitting alone, with just the sound of the cars driving past my apartment and the occasional purr of Miss Freja. But this morning, I needed something to fill the stillness of my Sunday morning.

Leonard is always up to the task, when I need him to fill the soundtrack of my life. He always has the perfect song, no matter how I am feeling, when I call out for him. He is a loyal pal, when it comes to soul soothing.

This morning was no exception.

I love this song because of its melancholic feel, although it is truly about hope. I also like that it isn’t just another love song. Mr Cohen was very concerned by everything going on in the world, and in this adaptation of La complainte du partisan, The Partisan, he depicts the historic background of the “résistance”, running away from the German soldiers… It makes me realize how lucky most of us are. Even if life isn’t perfect, the vast majority of us have never had to face war.

And it is always a treat to listen to Leonard singing in French… I’ll let you judge!

Oh, and by the way, the headache is almost gone, as I get prepared to tag this post. Thank you, Leonard!


13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s Jukebox…

  1. Excellent choice. A song that has been often on my mind of late, not only due to writing quite a bit on WW2 but also the fear that the way the world is going, some of us might live to find this sort of subject all too close to home …

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought the same… Seeing how things are going throughout the world, I fear that we might have to witness a page of history I am not interested in reading at all…. I hope it won’t get to that.

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    1. A great homage to all these people to have given their life for their home country. I know I wouldn’t have wanted my brother or my boyfriend to participate to any kind of war… It must be troubling to work with people who brought so much pain back from abroad. People remember those who fell while fighting, but often forget the men and women who came back forever injured… Sad, but very moving, Kate! Thank you for sharing xx

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