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No shit!?


Hello Lovelies,

I slept late this morning. Because, well, I am having a day off work, and tomorrow I am starting my monthly infamous 5am weekend shifts. So, yeah! I deserved to sleep with no alarm clock on!

You might remember that Mom had the most awesome duvet cover made for me, last month, for my birthday. No? You can see itΒ here.Β  I had not changed my old bed cover for the giant Dannebrog yet, because I wanted to change my bedding first…

I went shopping last weekend, and got some blue-black sheets and pillow covers, and yesterday I washed them and made my new bed. It is sooooo pretty!

It might be ridiculous, but just because of that, I slept even better than before. I guess there’s just something about fresh linen… And sleeping under the Danish flag, of course! LOL


I am now sitting in the living room, sipping on my morning glass of milk, and watching a documentary about Tuscany. Of course, there are ads every now and then, and I noticed, for the hundredth time, how many toilet paper commercials there are on tv.

What the dang is it, with promoting toilet paper? Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know about toilet paper, in 2018? Is there anyone not using it daily???

Double layer, triple layer, softer and softer and softer… How soft can toilet paper get? And how soft do we need it to be? I mean, wiping my butt isn’t such an experience in my day to day life, and I don’t really pay attention to how pleasant it is, when I do it. As long as there is still paper left on the roll, I am content.

Still we are bombed with ads, promising I will feel like a princess if I use their brand! There is one company, in particular… Their commercials are about a bear family whose life revolves around toilet paper! Come on! It’s only toilet paper, God dang it!!

I wonder if it is a Canadian thing. Are there as many toilet paper ads in the U.S.? What about in Europe, or Asia?? I sure hope so. Otherwise it is kind of insulting to think that we need to be constantly reminded that we need to buy toilet paper…

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe thisΒ is an issue worth all the tv exposure. If so, please don’t worry about me… I have plenty of rolls in the bathroom, and I’ll be fine.

I promise… My butt is 100% safe!




71 thoughts on “No shit!?

  1. Thank you, Colin!! I can see that butt wiping is not a problem limited to Canada! That is reassuring πŸ˜› There seems to be a clear link between cute animals and toilet paper… Maybe I should investigate that!

    Also, have you noticed how people (especially women) tend to rub toilet paper on their face all the time in these ads?? I wouldn’t want to overthink it, but is it possible that the toilet paper companies are using some kind of subliminal message? (If it feels so good to your cheek, imagine on your butt’s…. LOL)

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  2. Hi, it’s not just a Canada thing we have the same thing in the UK too, it’s really quite annoying. We ge the same thing for all kind so other things like too, like women’s products, cream for those itchy areas and such like.

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    1. LOL yeah, feminin hygiene products ads are very present here too!! A total annoyance!

      I am so grateful for technology. Now, we can record our favorite tv shows, and skip the commercials… Bye bye toilet paper ads!!

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      1. LOL Yes indeed… Why don’t they take all this time and advertise cool new things, instead? I know, I know… It’s all about the money, but still…..


  3. Yes, there are plenty of those ads here in the US as well, including, but not limited to, the bear family you mentioned. Though, with fur surrounding ones backside, I’d imagine cling-ons are a very real problem for them. 😏

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    1. I guess so! LOL

      Mascara is another product that I just can’t stand to see advertised…. I mean, how much longer and thicker must I make my eye lashes, to be accepted as a respectable member of our society????

      1. I was telling a friend the same thing, just the other day! I mean COME ON! The ads are really good looking. Great actors, well filmed, nice music…. But “storywise”, what the dang?? I wonder what the brainstorming meetings look like…

        “Ok guys, so I had this idea… We could have Julia Roberts walking barefoot on a rope made of entwined daisies, above a canyon. She would have flashbacks of her childhood, having been raised in a circus, and how people made fun of her bearded mother! And then, suddenly, there’s an explosion of butterflies with razorblade wings, and we end up with a close up of a pink puppy!…. What do you think??”


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    1. LOL That’s a positive way to look at it πŸ™‚ I like it!! But here, ads don’t mean that the products are on special, so we get stuck with the same commercials for ages πŸ˜›


  4. It’s international alright! I suppose they have to find some way to make us spend a stupid amount of money on stuff we’ll literally flush down the toilet…

    What’s with all the animals, anyways?

    And my favorite:

    EMMA! 🀣

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    1. Here, one of the classics, is white persian kittens… Like Freja! And no matter how cute she is, and how much I love her, if another brand is cheaper, I’ll save the extra buck! LOL

      I really don’t know the link between cute animal and but wipping, but there must be one, because it seems that companies all around the world are using puppies, and kittens to win customers’ hearts, and $$.

      Oh, and that “EMMMMMA!” one…. Excellent!!

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  5. There are a couple in the Uk as far as I can see. Here adverts are more about life-insurances, PPI and guilt-tripping charities. We only have a Koala and a puppy advertising for toilet paper 😁

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  6. Yes… the Charmin bears. LOL There are lots here, too… as I’m sure you know by now.

    Funny story… My daughter tells me how the toilet paper is every time she gets home from visiting a friend’s house. Hahaha! πŸ˜€ She hates when it’s not soft… like ours. FYI, we buy Charmin… of bear fame.

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      1. I totally get it. If for some reason, I was to live by myself again… I’d probably not take tv services either… I would need internet, but tv, I could easily do without. But since we DO have it…. I turn it on just as a habit LOL

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  7. oh gees girl you have me in fits here! I cant stop I think i’m gonna explode hahahahahaha πŸ˜€ but oh my gawd, who cares, I mean, why do these flippin advertisers do it, no one id bothered, well I’m not, I buy the cheapest one I can find, as long as it gets the job done, right? who cares about whether its soft or softer tan soft, lol, πŸ˜€ xxx

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    1. Mouahahahahah Glad you had a good laugh! I believe that as long as it does the job, I’m happy with it…. And I don’t think they make non-soft toilet paper anymore. Who would buy it anyway?? So any brand will do for me πŸ˜› xx


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