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The fine art of commenting…

I usually stay away from writing the “Let me tell you how to” kind of posts.

I do it for a good reason. I am no pro, about anything. I am not the person you should come to, no matter the advice you are seeking.

Unless you plan to travel to Denmark. Then come to me! I have a bag-full of the best advices you could possibly get.

I would never pretend to have enough knowledge or skills to guide new bloggers. There are lots of much better people around for that… But (there’s always a “but”) I was reading Cristian Mihai’s post Commenting on other blogs; What works, what doesn’t today, and it is definately an important aspect of blogging for me.

Some people like commenting, and others are rather quiet and will just visit and/or leave “likes” behind them. Either way is fine with me, but I’ll admit I really enjoy the direct interaction.

I have my own netiquette when it comes to commenting. And although I don’t know better than anyone of you, here are a few points that are important to me, when it comes to leaving comments on fellow bloggers’ posts…


Be constructive

Although most comments I’ve seen are writen to agree or compliment the author, it happens that you disagree more or less strongly with the subject of the post. It is ok to disagree, but I think there is always a constructive way to leave your opinion if it differs from the writer’s. If you can’t write something polite and if you absolutely feel the need to be agressive, keep your comment to yourself. Please. No one appreciates feeling attacked. (ok, yes, some people like drama, but I think that the vast majority of bloggers don’t seek that)


Be grateful


I’m not talking about reacting ridiculously to every comment you get, but it is always a good thing to at least aknowledge it, when people take time to leave their appreciation.  A simple “like” or a “thank you” can do, if you are a bit busy. I think it is also ok not to answer right away… We all have a life outside the bloggosphere, and very few of us have all day to keep up with feedback we get on our blogs. As I write this, I know I have a bunch of comments left to reply to… And I will get to them later today. If you know you won’t be able to answer the notes left in your inbox, you always have the option to close the comments.


Take some time, if you have some

There is no such thing as “too short a comment”. A “well done!” or a “Really enjoyed this” is always appreciated. But if you have a little time on your hands, and a post really speaks to you, it’s a nice thing to be more specific. Quoting a certain part of the post, or explaining more extensively why you enjoyed your reading can lead to an interesting conversation. That’s how you get to connect with other bloggers, and believe me, there are tons of amazing people around, ready to have a lovely chat.


To link or not to link

I am not against leaving a link to your blog in your comment, per say. I do it every once in a while, when the post I read is directly connected to the link I am leaving. Or if I wrote something about the blogger I am leaving a note to. What I have a problem with, is when people leave a comment like “Hi, please come visit my blog and tell me what you think! *link to blog*” I know there is no bad intention, when people do this. And usually, these comments come from brand new bloggers… But they just feel a bit agressive to me. Come have a short chat instead, you have a much better chance of getting my attention. Oh, and please, don’t even think about asking people to “follow” you…


Please don’t shout

Writing in capital letters means you are shouting. There are a few exceptions, like a loud burst of laughter (who doesn’t enjoy seeing that a fellow blogger found your last post hilarious?) but in general, no one likes to be screamed at. I know I don’t. (This doesn’t apply to you, Carol Anne… I know some of you always write in capital letters. It is ok with me… Don’t worry at all!)


As I previously said, I am not here to tell others how to blog, but if my opinion can help someone, I think it is worth posting. Plus, if you want to read what a far more experienced blogger thinks about the subject, and how it could improve your blog, click here, and tell Cristian Cyranny says “hi”.


Happy blogging, Lovelies!




117 thoughts on “The fine art of commenting…



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  2. I greatly enjoy the communal aspect of blogging, which can’t really be full realized without commenting. I don’t comment as often as I wish I could; it is time consuming. But if a post really moves me, speaks to me, or is just objectively well written, I will comment with as much detail I can. I particularly make sure to truly to ask comments in my item posts; if people take the time to share their thoughts, I am grateful and feel like it is important to show that. Thanks for this thoughtful post about an important subject!

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    1. I think it is almost impossible to comment everything I enjoy here on WP… And if I have a little bit of time, I like leaving rather long comments, but if I can’t, I’ll settle for a shorter note 🙂 But you are right, it can be time consuming, but so interesting!

      Thanks for taking the time, today 😉 I really appreciate it! xx

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  3. General commenting is something I feel like I can only do if I have time, which seems a rare commodity anymore. But if a post is really, really good or is about some achievement or something like that I will make a comment regardless. I have admiration for people who seem able to comment on everything they read. 🙂

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      1. I know of one blogger who offers comments and reciprocates to those who comment, but it’s on a large scale. I’d like to do that. Ha. Maybe my issue is organization. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard (thought) that.

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    1. Cristian is talking about another aspect of commenting… There are people using “comments” to attract other bloggers. It is a strategy, if you work on making your blog grow a larger readership. Personally, I like to connect with people, and I won’t complain when people join in my little adventure… But I am not “hunting” readers… LOL

      I should have been clearer on that difference between my post and Cristian’s… I’ll try to work on that a little later. Thank you for pointing this out! xx

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      1. Oh, I wasn’t trying to point out any difference. Sorry if it came across that way. I meant to indicate apathy over, as you put it: hunting readers. I would rather have fewer followers, but more involved followers than a huge following and no involvement.

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      2. I totally agree… And I feel very lucky in that way… I’ve created bonds with many people here. That’s much more fun that just working on having incredible stats 😉

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  4. I don’t think it is appropriate to leave links in comments. That’s why bloggers who don’t mind create sharing parties. Maybe I am wrong for that but I personally wouldn’t do so. This is an informative post Cyranny.

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    1. I agree in part, Eve…. I usually don’t leave links and keep them for Meets & Greet parties. But sometimes I’ll leave one if, for an example, you write a story very similar to one of mine… but I usually mention that it is just a suggestion 😉 I also only do this with bloggers I “know”… Never on blogs I just found 🙂


  5. You are a much better person than I am… because…

    ” “Hi, please come visit my blog and tell me what you think! *link to blog*” I know there is no bad intention, when people do this. And usually, these comments come from brand new bloggers… But they just feel a bit agressive to me. Come have a short chat instead, you have a much better chance of getting my attention. Oh, and please, don’t even think about asking people to “follow” you… ”

    That up there? I hate that so much and I’m not especially nice about it. I mark those comments as spam… because that’s really what they are.

    Yes, I am mean. 😐

    Oh… and I just got an all-caps comment today… that does not happen often, though. The link thing does…

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    1. I’ve noticed the “come visit my blog” comments usually come from bloggers that just started their blog. I do visit the blogs before anything, and it makes me more tolerant when I see that they have 5 or 10 followers…

      You are not mean, you sweet you 🙂 You just react stronger than me! xx

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      1. I guess it’s sort of understandable when someone is a new blogger… but it doesn’t really make me much more sympathetic. (I told you I was mean… 🙂 ) Maybe I’m just annoyed by it because it seems to be happening a lot lately. Somehow, I gained the followers I have without ever doing that. (I have no idea how I got followers… but still…) Okay… I’m done whining about it now. 🙂

        Yes… I have strong reactions… to everything. It’s not usually a good thing…!

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  6. Good advice! I don’t think I have committed the faux pas that you mentioned, and though it took some time for my blog to garner a few followers, I hope the ones that have followed, actually have an interest in what I might say. I don’t comment on, or even like, all posts, but when I do, it is sincere. Honesty is always best, but should only be shared if it is encouraging, not belittling.

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    1. I totally agree, Candice… What I find hard, as more and more great people show up here, is that it becomes more and more difficult to give people the time they deserve! I’d like to read a lot more, and I would leave much more feedback, but unfortunately, days are just 24h long :/

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  7. Solid points. I get a bit giddy whenever the orange bell is lit. I don’t have gobs of followers so I appreciate every bit of feedback. The best part is connecting with others. Some people write intensely personal stuff and it’s nice to respond to something that resonates with you. I recently attended a writer’s workshop and met some bloggers that I have followed and it was incredible. I felt like my FB friends came alive, wonderful experience. Thanks for the post.

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    1. Thank you, Bryce 🙂

      That must have been an awesome experience… Where did that take place, if I may ask? I only met two of the bloggers I follow here on WP, but they were incredible meetings… It is great to meet with people we got to discover through writing! 🙂

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  8. Hi I have had someone recently leave their link on a post completely unrelated to anything. Just incase someone reads this and thinks what? I do a fair amount of sharing and promoting other blogs, you leave a link on something of mine which has nothing to do with that, it shows me 2 things, one you haven’t actually in anyway explored my blog beyond the first post and maybe the about page and 2 you think I am bigger than I actually am, I edited their comment for them and told them where to repost. I am not in anyway against new bloggers promoting themselves in anyway, but it did piss me off, on a mental health post they put their link

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    1. You are one of the most, if not THE most generous bloggers in town, link-sharing wise! I can totally imagine how frustrating that must be!!

      It also bugs me when I get a “how inspiring” on a totally silly post… Or, “this cracked me up” on a sad story… I mean… Come on, at least get your templates right 😛

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      1. I was probably ruder than I should of been, I must admit.

        I have no idea what it is about one of my posts, but its a sunshine blogger award post, it gets a shit ton of spam on it every week, all going from this is the most insightful post I have ever seen to this is so inspirational

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    1. Well, dear Miriam, short comments are as welcome as long ones… And I am very happy you enjoyed your reading 🙂 Though it must have been absolutely useless for you, because I can’t even imagine you making comment “faux pas” 😉 xx

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    1. Thank you, Irene 🙂 It is always a pleasure to get your little notes, and I know that you greet a lot of us with them, because I come across your comments on other blogs all the time 🙂 Thank you for your constant support!

      I hope things are doing very well for you 🙂 *hugs*

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    1. Wwwoooowww… That’s a lot of % Did you have math in nursing school? LOL Just pulling your leg 😉 Thanks for the kind words, Miss Cali!! I hope you and DJ are doing great…

      *love U*

      P.S. you have a special permission for caps, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

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      1. Lol! It’s actually so funny you say that though because math has ALWAYS been my weakest. Awwww!!!!! Thanks for the permission, I feel truly honored <3!


  9. I was going to leave a comment on this post, but there already are more than 70 on this post and everything I was going to say has already been said. So sorry, no comment from me on this post. Maybe on the next one if it’s not as crowded.

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  10. I enjoyed your post a lot and I thik it’s hard to not agree with it. Well who doesn’t like and appreciate constructive comments? Anyway I always do, and, although I not always leave people comments on their posts when I read them, when I do, I try to make them possibly constructive. Responsiveness is also something I appreciate a lot. I started blogging not even three months ago, so don’t get like waves of comments yet, and I always respond to my commenters, even with just a smile, if not something more constructive, to let them know I hear them and validate their opinion, ‘causE I know it feels good when you take your time to comment on someone’s post and get an answer from someone, so it isn’t like your words are hitting the wall or something. When I was blogging in other communities, it always kinda annoyed me when people leaved me links completely unrelated to my post, just to promote themselves in random places not made for it. For me it looks like someone isn’t sure of the worth of their posts, so wants to attract readers by a bit aggressive overpromotion. For me it also happened once that I left a person the link to my blog in my comment, but I knew this girl for years and we had some common interests< so i felt like it may be relevant for her and in such cases I wouldn't have anything against. So yeah, that's what came to my mind after reading your post. 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you for the super comment!! You bring up an interesting point; WordPress is the first place where I tried blogging. It gave me the idea that this overall very respectful and friendly atmosphere was the same in every community. It seems it isn’t, and I feel lucky I chose WP to begin with 🙂 I listed a couple of things that bother me when it comes to comments but I must admit, I don’t have to deal with them often…

      As I told others, in my previous comments, I don’t see you making any of these “faux pas” 😉

      Thank you so much again, for taking the time to share your thoughts… I really enjoyed reading you! xx

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  11. Why do I love thy blog, let me count the ways…

    You have such a great variety of subjects, whenever ” Cyranny -[New Post]” pops up in my inbox, I get to wonder “Ooohhhh what’s it this time? Haiku? Denmark? After Eight? Music? (Leonard!!!) Something totally different?”

    Sometimes I wonder if my favorite bloggers notice how I keep going back to them and catch up after I had no or little time to read – even if it’s ‘only’ to leave a trail of little stars. Other times I think “that’s why they do it, they post so I can enjoy reading it, isn’t that nice of them?” and that I don’t have to gush over every single post (if I did that I’d have to give up my day job to keep up..). Just that little “Shia was here, this was cool, I had a good time/learned something/feel with you” star.

    But I also like the bloggers who are up for a little chat now and then 😄

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    1. Awwwww Shia!! This is really heart-warming 🙂 🙂 🙂 One of my favorite comments, for sure 🙂

      I love the fact that you appreciate the variety of my posts… It has been a concern for a while… I saw how a lot of bloggers had a niche, or a very specific theme, and how well they did. But I couldn’t see how I’d manage to always talk about the same thing. I love themed blogs, I just couldn’t do it myself…

      I was worried that people who like poetry would leave when I’d have a humor phase, and that people who like my humor, would drop my blog when I’d be into fiction for a while…

      It is very reassuring to read a comment like yours!

      And to answer your question, I do notice when you pass by. I don’t really care about the number of “likes” on my blog, but I do check out who took the time to leave one. Sometimes , when I am a little behind on my reading, I’ll even notice that someone has been off for a while, just because I haven’t seen their avatar in The Cove in days. And I’ll check up, to make sure they are still posting. I don’t mind if regulars don’t “like” my posts, but I like to check that they are ok… So yes, yes, yes, your trail of stars does make a difference!

      Thanks again, dear… *warm hugs*

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      1. Weeee! 💃 *hugs back*
        Just goes to show, sometimes one really should say (write) these things out loud… not just assume “Cyranny knows I love her stuff”

        I do think you have your own niche, though. A bit like an eventing horse who does dressage and jumping and cross-country. Versatile enough to keep it interesting, but with a recognizable theme. Something that just says “Cyranny” as soon as it pops up in my feed.

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      2. Ok, I’ll try to un-blush during the weekend!! Seriously, I am very very touched by your kind words! I never thought that I have a signature writing, given how different my posts can be 🙂

        You really made my day!! These compliments coming from someone who writes so well, I can only be totally honored! Thank you sooooo much 🙂 🙂 🙂 Muuuuah!!

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  12. Great post! And very useful.

    Although I am conceited enough to believe that this post was just a clever ploy to get me to comment more on your totally awesome site. 😉


    Sorry … that was not my inside laugh. I meant: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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    1. LOL Silly you 🙂 You’ll never know if it was intended or not… But if it was, it worked, didn’t it?? 😉

      Thank you for the kind words… I am so lucky to have such an amazing big bro 🙂 xx

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      1. Like the commercial said: It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work. And in your case, it definitely worked!

        Thanks for the kind words about my kind words. It’s not so bad being a big bro to such a great little sis! 🙂 xx

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