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Random Danish Memories…



Many people, when they plan a trip to some foreign country, make a lot of research about the main cities. They want to see the main attractions, the most famous restaurants and/or museums, walk well-known boulevard and sleep in renowned hotels.

When I traveled around Denmark by myself, my only goal was to really see Denmark. Of course, I couldn’t see all of it. At least not on my first three weeks long trip. But I didn’t want to just see the Little Mermaid, Strøget and the Royal Palace…

One of the most memorable days I spent, was in a natural park, near the little village of Bagenkop. For a loner girl speaking just a little bit of Danish, traveling to the South tip of Langeland was quite an adventure. It is not the kind of place where you want to take the wrong bus. But I made it surprisingly easy to the Bagenkop bus station.

From there, I walked to the park with my bag on my back, and lost myself in it (the park, not my bag… lol!). I walked for hours, and hours…

This little path above led to a breathtaking cliff. If it wasn’t that I had doubts I could easily find affordable lodging in Bagenkop, I would have stayed there all day….



That’s also where I met Denmark’s wild horses…


Dang… I miss Denmark….  *sigh*





32 thoughts on “Random Danish Memories…

    1. Thank you, Eve… Langeland is indeed a beautiful place to visit… And that’s just a couple of pictures. It seemed anywhere I turned the camera, there was something lovely to capture 🙂

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    1. Well thank you for sharing this, Kevin! I didn’t know about Danelaw…. And that looks really interesting 🙂 I’ll read it through a little later, when things are quieter!

      And beware of that bag, once you get lost in it… No one can save you 😛

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    1. You mentionned something here that might not sound very special, but it really is… Denmark is such a clean country! Except the morning after a holiday! LOL But then, people clean up, and a couple of hours after, you can’t even tell something happened 😛

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  1. I’ve heard a bit about Langeland recently from my Swedish pen pal, she was there during her vacation and also kept saying how beautiful it was there. Now I want to go there too after reading your post cause it really does sound beautiful.
    Other than that, if you’d like to participate, I’ve nominated you for the 5 things about myself tag and wanted to let you know.

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    1. I totally recommend spending some time there… It is breathtaking! The pebble beaches, the high cliffs, walking in the forest… This park sucks every bit of anxiety you might have right out of you! 🙂

      (I have read your post, I’ll reply to it a little later… Thank you again for the nomination xx)


    1. Oh my, I don’t know a word for that in either English or French, but I sure know the feeling! I need to win the loterie’s jackpot, and invite you all Lovelies to make a big party in Denmark… LOL That’d be AWESOME!


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