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Nombril de semaine…



Hello Lovelies!

I like sharing all week long, but you know Wednesdays are special… And I have taken the habit of taking note of blogs I want to give a little push during the week, to share 5 with you, when Navelday comes.

Here are this week’s shares:

Writings of The Count Gustaf : The Count has been away for a while, but he is back, and let’s hope he’ll spend a little time with us before running away on some mysterious trip… Count Gustaf has a universe of his own, and if you like fantasy, and escaping the world as we know it, pay him a little visit. Now! 😉 (Note to the Count; I still owe you that award post… I haven’t forgotten… promise!)

The Hejhej Blog: Miss A is a Swede living in Dubai. I don’t know if “Hej hej” means the same in Swedish (and no, I won’t Google it up. I don’t have time for that right now. And it might just give Miss A a good reason to leave me a comment… or any other Swede for that matter, or any Dane… Or anyone who just wants to wave my way!) but in Danish, it means “Good bye!” or “Bye bye!”… One thing you won’t be telling Miss A. if you like your bloggers with a kicking sense of humor. Miss A. is just great! Give her a try, I promise to refund you if you don’t like her. Yeah, I know you won’t spend a dime… So what are you still doing here??

The Loudest Thoughts: I just discovered that Hira is just seventeen years old, and as much as I already liked her blog, I am now completely stunned that this writing comes from such a young writer! Hira writes in her About page: “you can call my blog a literal existential crisis on a page”. And wether it is through poetry or short stories, I am sure you’ll be surprised by her way to articulate le mal de vivre. Definately worth a little “click”!

My Screaming Twenties: I just recently discovered Kristiana’s blog and poetry. I have to spend more time to get to know her and her work, but the pieces I’ve read so far are worth paying a visit, and I am sure her blog will go a long way!

And, last but not least…

Freyaalicx: This blog is just starting. FreyaAlice has only two posts out for the moment, but we’ve all started at some point, right? So why not just pass by and bring a platter of homemade cookies, and be a kind welcoming WordPress neighbour! I always find it exciting to find a blog that has just bloomed, and I’m sure some of you will join me, and show FreyaAlice what a nice community we are!


So, I hope you’ll find something for your likings here… And if you visit some of these bloggers, just tell them Cyranny sent you!

Happy Wednesday to you all!!


P.S. If you know a blog you’d like to see in my list in the weeks to come, a blogger you really like, and that you consider, would deserve more readers… Just drop me his/her link in the comments, and the reason you love that blog. The only criteria I have, is that the blog has less than 500 followers.

10 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. Well hello! Thank you ! Hej Hej we say both for Hello and Goodbye in both Swedish and Danish and would probably work in Norwegian as well. We tend to keep things easy and we love to just repeat all words twice. For fun.

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    1. Thanks for the info, Miss A 🙂 For some reason, it reminded me of the first time I walked into a bakery, ordered my chokolade boller, paid and left without the cashier switching to English… LOL A proud moment in my Danish adventures 😉 I live for little victories hehehehe

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome, Hira 🙂 I don’t know how I could overlook your age, when I first went through your “about” page, but I thought you were much older. Your writing is even more impressive to me! xx

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