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Wish me luck…

I take that back.

I don’t need luck… What I’ll need is dedication, hard work and perseverance. I know I can do it, but I feel like I have to say it here, because that’s going to give me the motivation I need to start. And once I get going, I know I’ll just plunge in, and make it happen.

I have encouraged and sometimes almost stalked many fellow bloggers into writing books. I know several people who write far better than me, but I just can’t force them to write or go through the editing process for them. But I can do it for myself.

And I decided to do it.

I know I made a similar announcement a couple of months ago, and never got back to you about it. I guess my story just wasn’t quite ready to be writen. Today, I finally found the special twist I was waiting for, and wrote down the main lines of the whole plot.

I feel ready.

I might post some excerpts along the way, to see what you think about them… And I hope I’ll get to the point where I’ll need to ask if any of you would like to play proofreader. But let’s not think too far ahead just yet.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” they say…

Let’s start pressing these lemons you threw my way, Baby!



60 thoughts on “Wish me luck…

  1. I wish you the best. I have never had the courage to try to write a book for real. I used to think about it but whenever I did, I would get too overwhelmed and convince myself that I couldn’t do it. Now, I think I’ve pretty much given up. I admire anyone who has the courage to even try.

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    1. Thank you, Gorgeous! I did write a chicklit novel a couple of years back, and it went pretty well. (See my “M” page in The Cove’s header if you want to read the beginning of it) It wasn’t the best story ever, but I proved myself that I could make it… I sure hope this will turn out well. I think it could be interesting if I manage to keep a good pace!

      I see it as a “baby steps” project… A few pages at a time. Anyone can do that! All you need is a good story idea to start with 😉

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      1. I actually have an idea but I don’t think I have enough plot… I mostly have a beginning… and an end. That seems to happen to me. I know how I want to start and how I want to finish but getting there usually turns out way too short. I’ve had people tell me to go for it with a novel but you know how I am…

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      2. Why don’t you try to write the beginning… you can always put it aside if you don’t feel like writing for a while, and the words won’t go away until you get inspired again…. 🙂

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      3. Well, that’s good! Writing ideas in a notebook is a great way to gather anecdotes and things you can use later… I think your first book has to come to you. You just have to be patient, and write little by little in the meanwhile 🙂 Words are never lost! xx

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      4. To be quite honest… it might end up as a novella… I am not very familiar with all the differences. I’ll write until I decide the story pleases me, and then I’ll ask somebody else to tell me what I wrote 😛 LOL

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      1. I can finish in a matter of months when I get going. “Gloriana” and “Lucille” were both quick writes. “Wolves” took longer, but mainly because I wrote it in three distinct (and very separated) stages.

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      2. I hope my first draft will come easily… I know it is just a matter of keeping a routine, and working slowly but surely 🙂 But even if it takes more time than I expect, it’ll be worth it!

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      3. Meaning at some point to write a sequel to “Gloriana’s Masque” but since I haven’t actually published it yet, I should probably focus on that … any time I can distract myself from the dancing, which seems to have taken over. Goddess bless instant gratification …

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  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! It has always been a dream of mine to write a book. So a little while ago I decided to just do it…. Without worrying about the outcome I decided to just write what I would have wanted to read. My self-imposed deadline for the draft was today. I sent it to my “editors” last night… Ahead of schedule. It will be published on Amazon by 5/1. I set a ridiculously short deadline so that I wouldn’t have time to doubt myself…Or endlessly edit. It will be imperfect and yet, like me it may be better because of its imperfections…Or maybe a second edition will be required. But regardless it will be done. And the second one will be easier. Best of luck with your writing. Please keep us posted! ❤️

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    1. Wow! That’s super cool! Good for you… What is your book about, if I may ask?

      What a great timing to talk about this 😉 Me starting my project, and you so close to realizing your dream 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Best of luck with what’s left to do!! xx

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      1. Thanks so much! The book is inspired by my blog in a way. It’s mostly new content but I’ve used some of my favorite blog posts as well because they supported the point I was making. It’s essentially about changing your thinking to improve your life. It’s the book I needed to read after my divorce. I’ll post about it in another couple of weeks. 😁

        It was so interesting to me that you posted about starting yours!

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      1. Your brave quest to write a book sparks in me a curiosity. Have you noticed that I have no ideas of my own? Have you noticed that I just steal other people’s ideas and then just mangle them?
        I was thinking about stealing your book, chapter by chapter (since I have established something of a pattern of theft from you) and doing the same.
        Eventually we would end up with 2 books …. sort of related but sort of not ….
        published as a set.
        Only joking, of course. But I had fun imagining the outcomes.

        As for the Pinot? Of course. Why not 2 glasses and a bottle, sitting on a blanket by a river in Spring? Something from Central Otago would be nice …..

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      2. Well that would be an interesting project… Oh my…. You know what? It just hit me that, given the story of my book, your copy-cat idea could actually turn into a pretty cool 2 books concept!!

        LOL It would probably be a lot of work to make it work, but it would be totally cool! I know you were joking, but I am tempted to give you more information, just to see what you’d think about it…. LOL

        Choose the bottle, I’ll bring the glasses, and maybe we can discuss that in the middle of the tallgrass? 😉


      3. Well, if you have time on your hands, and would like to try an extended challenge, let me know and I’ll send you more information in private. You’ll probably find the idea silly… I have lots of ideas, but not all of them are good, obviously 🙂


      4. At first I read “Happy to have a little red”… I thought you were referring to the Pinot 😉 I’ll send you a little note in private, about my idea. You can tell me what you think! It might be tomorrow, though… I have to take care of a couple of things tonight (like getting up to date in my comment box 😉 ) But I’ll get back to you shortly! xx


      5. Whoops …. the double meaning was a typo and, therefore not intended. Thinking about it now, though – who can really be sure what I actually meant?
        But, as I say, I am not an ideas kind of guy, so I lust for the ideas of others and feed upon them. Any idea you might have is better than mine.

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      6. Brutus, Brutus… you are a gentleman, so I always presume you don’t mean anything bad 😉

        I think your copy-cat tendencies are endearing, and I believe I am not the only one who really enjoys your ideas-stealing…. Please keep doing your thing, you’re doing it well 🙂


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