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“Swallow”, he said,
“Swallow, my dear…”
The spark in his eyes,
holding me so near.
His trembling fingers
caressing my head,
sitting nervously on
the side of his bed.
When he seemed ready
turned his head towards the open window,
Whispering ever so softly
“Oh swallow, my dear swallow…”
He finally let go and
I thanked him with a coo,
spreading wide my wings
I flew out into the skies’ blue.


Via today’s Daily Prompt: Swallow


22 thoughts on “Swallow…

  1. Oh ….. all right then ….

    Can we discuss the birds and bees
    With you down there on hands and knees?
    Can we express our special love
    With eagles soaring high above?
    Or should we feel a sense of shame
    With starlings whistling our name?
    When all our feathered friends can see
    Our shameless act of nudity?

    The doves are cooing in the sky
    The parrots call for you and I
    The robin’s singing in the trees
    And don’t forget the swallow. Please.
    With all this silly talk of birds
    You suddenly seem lost for words
    That’s not the cat that’s got your tongue
    Just nod if you are having fun

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    1. There’s not much kinkiness in my writing, usually, but this play of words was just too tempting! LOL I am glad you enjoyed it… Had a lot of fun tossing and turning words to lead people to the wrong impression until the very end!

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