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The promise…



Sat staring still,
in my hand a wish,
in my heart the will,
to get what I cherish

Made a promise.
One that I meant.
Lulled the premise
to the ruler of all men.

Patience, now, for
the answer will come,
in time, not before
and it will be welcome!





10 thoughts on “The promise…

  1. Another yin for your yang

    A ring on my finger
    A wish in my heart
    When was the good stuff
    Going to start?
    I wanted a home
    I wanted a life
    You wanted a doormat
    Instead of a wife
    Promises, promises
    I heard you say
    With promises empty
    I’m going away
    ‘Cause things won’t get better
    Despite what you’ve said
    You’re out of my marriage
    You’re out of my bed
    The ring was forever
    But this is today
    I’m bored with you sweetheart
    So why would I stay?

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    1. Wow!! *Jaw dropping* Well, that’s a bad case of “spoiling me”… and I love to be spoiled 😉 Thank you again, Brutus!

      Btw, how was the evening out, yesterday? No gun shooting or anything? 😉


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