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Groundhog Day!



Yup… We’re not done with winter! Dang…




28 thoughts on “Groundhog Day!

      1. Here we have what we call the Crow Storm… Crows are among the first birds back when spring comes, and once they’re in town and we get a good snowfall, winter is usually behind us!


    1. hehehehe… And the funny thing is, I was thinking about Groundhog day, and made the mistake… So now I owe you a Hedgehog AND it is not even the title of my post anymore… LOL

      Hedgehogs are cute indeed 🙂

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    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (ok give me a minute to catch my breath)

      Ooookie. Now, I am going to blame this on my French roots, AND the fact that I posted this very late yesterday, and after a long shift at work…. I meant “Groundhog day” referring to the 1983 movie with Bill Murray…

      The picture is actually a shot of a street on my walk back home yesterday night. We had a snowfall and everything was covered in snow (again).

      Thank you so much for making me notice the error in the title of the post 🙂 xxx


    1. Yeah I know… But I had a nice surprise when I got home… Someone had shoveled the snow from our stairs and balcony! I was expecting having to do that, and that’s never a “happy-happy/ joy-joy” moment, past midnight 😛

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    1. Hehehe it isn’t that bad, Nancy 🙂 But I have to admit that when March comes, and snow starts melting, I look forward for Spring more and more, and these sudden snow falls feel a little bit like a step back into Winter 😛

      I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! xx

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