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Haute écriture…

Previously posted February 19th of 2017.



Your words,

they fit me like a glove

Intricate fabric

of emotions, of chills

of butterflies, inked

on my skin

One by one stitched to my stomach.


You cut your stories,

High fashion tails

tailored to be wrapped around

my hips…


You write black

classy lace,


You can dress

me up anytime.






8 thoughts on “Haute écriture…

  1. A shroud of emotion
    A suit of devotion
    On my ankles I’m wearing a chain
    I still feel your sting
    But I still wear your ring
    In the hope that you’ll come back again

    I’m wearing my sorrow
    With an eye to tomorrow
    With a wish you might truly believe
    Though I’m tired and lonely
    I think of you only
    And I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve


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