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Mountain blues…


Just a tear, rolling
down the rock wall
of a summer sweet

The warm souvenir
of your sunny arm
wrapped round the
highest peaks…

Looking up to your
sky blue gaze, making
every wish I dared to
wish, possible…

Now I hide my nose
in a cloud, hiding my
reddened eyes, in
painful denial…

Left only with
the stillness of the
valley, the heavy
silence over the creek…




This was inspired by a stunning picture posted on Rhapsody Bohème. You can visit the original post here.

13 thoughts on “Mountain blues…

  1. This is so beautiful and painful at the same time my dear friend. Your words are full of possibilities and loss, awareness and wishes that might have gone unfulfilled. Sending a giant hug your way and wrapping you in comfort. XO

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    1. Thank you so much, Gorgeous… First for the kind words, as ever! And for this breath taking picture that instantly pulled these words out of the back of my mind… You give nature such a strong voice, it amazes me everytime! Your eye is so much in touch with the spirit beyond rock, wood and air, that reality almost pales in comparison with your photographies 🙂 You are a magician! xx

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      1. Haha, a new repertoire, magician, hardly and you give me as always too much credit. I thank you kindly and I am glad that my picture inspired your words. Thank you for pairing them and I think they are perfect together. Thank you for your kind words that humble and flatter me beyond words. I could never thank you enough. Xo

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