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Cupid’s wish…



If everybody seeks
love… who will
provide? I choose to
offer, to those who
want, and those
who don’t… For
those, the most.

If in the End, I’ve
loved enough,
please Life grant me
the love I want!


32 thoughts on “Cupid’s wish…

      1. Yeah truly said…
        We get lost in our desires so much that we forget that there are people who might be just waiting to c us realize their presence.

        I wrote a poem recently YOU…on similar line….
        Still u have captured this beautifully…

        Keep Writin…keep shining

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  1. Love may not be yours to give
    May not be mine to take
    In the end we both shall live
    With the decisions that we make
    Love does not decide these things
    Love is come what may
    Through open eyes to what love brings
    Love will find a way

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  2. It’s okay. I understand. The love you want is my love. It’s completely okay C, calm down, don’t get so hyper. Of course I love you it’s just that I have the Duchess. But we can still be friends. Oh don’t cry.


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    1. Hehehehehe you’ll always have a special place in my heart, dear Count!! But you know, I have Chéri, and you have the Duchess…

      You can surely copy it, did you want to put it on your bedside table? 😛

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      1. It was a joke C Hahahahahaha idiot sandwich. Whose Cheri ?
        Yea bedside table works though I was thinking more like a large canvas on the wall in my castle

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