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Micro poésie du vendredi…

Via #LyricalFictionFriday



J’ai bien tenté de
laver toute trace
de toi de mon âme.
Mais mon coeur est
un sanctuaire, et ma foi
entretient la flamme…




22 thoughts on “Micro poésie du vendredi…

    1. Ohhh Parlez-vous français, mon cher? 😉 Or are you friends with Google T? Either way, you are right. Or rather, the flame can be tamed by a strong mind, but the embers are very dangerous…

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    1. Mouahahaha Brutus, see? Even facing an extra challenge, you manage to come up with good twists!

      Had bad experiences with French women in the past, good sir? 😉


  1. Or ……
    Her eyes kept burning though my skin
    I could not douse the flame
    Her lips kept eating through my heart
    I could not bare the pain
    I have a weakness for these things
    I have myself to blame
    I can’t erase you mon cheri
    I confess je t’aime

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      1. And I will. I find myself suddenly immersed in two writing competitions that I shall promptly lose. It rarely takes long. After that I shall redirect my attention to ‘Daisy smile’ and no doubt cheapen it in some way with a lazy retort. All you guys are the artists in the room. I am the class clown.

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      2. I hope you fought good fights, as I imagine your writing competitions are over by now 🙂 You’ll always be welcome in The Cove to rest after your literary duels! 🙂 xx


      3. Well, actually these are slightly longer term commitments. One has a window of 48 hours and the other a full week. The fact that they both started within 2 hours of each other is perhaps no coincidence – with each trying to steal gullible customers from the other. The truth is, though, that I am struggling to gain momentum in either. I may need to return to the cove sooner rather than later where the crowds are less hostile.

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      4. Well good Sir, you have a comfortable seat with your name on it, here 🙂 You can warm your weary hands on the fire, and enjoy yourself in between rounds of well-penning battles!


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