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Daisy smile…



He left flowers
at my doorstep
every now and
then, again. Just
a simple daisy
bouquet… Signature
of a gentleman!
Just enough to
make me smile,
as I hold them
in my hands…
Walking back
inside the house
wearing my prettiest
daisy smile for him.


This is a little thank you post for Brutus, from Richmond Road.

16 thoughts on “Daisy smile…

      1. You just had to bring up Toffifee, didn’t you? Toffifee is my cryptonite! Christmas is a battlefield with towering displays of delicious-ness calling my name as soon as I walk into any store that stocks them.

        I’ve been 93 days Toffifee Free. My sponsor (The Viking) is very supportive but his cryptonite is Licorice so we end up yelling at each other to “WALK AWAY FROM THE CANDY AISLE!” but then we start to bargain with each other. “Okay, you take one box of Toffifee and I will take one bag of Licorice.”

        By the time we go to bed that night, his lips are stained black and I have caramel in my hair and chunks of chocolate in my bra.

        Now, I’m 2 hours Toffifee Free. Sigh. I’ll have to give my Achievement Pin back to The Viking.

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      2. LOOOOOL Oh how I looove you two!!

        Now, I can see how you get your sex-hair 😛 Kinky woman, you!! LOL

        Talking about lakriss (Yukkk), I might have a little gift for the Viking! (don’t tell him)… I have Danish lakriss candies at home, and I just can’t eat them (as much as I love Denmark, liquorice is just not compatible with my DNA). If you send me your adress by email, I’ll send them over!!

        And you don’t have to worry about me showing up at your door without an invitation… You’re far away, and I need every penny to go back to Vikingland Mouahahahahahahaha

        I bet The Viking will let you have Toffifee if you have real, Danish Lakriss to offer 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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