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Not so…

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Agile


Bright blue skies,
pretty young lies…
Tickling my flesh
ever so gently, making
my skin, valleys
and peaks pointy…
Oh you are good,
but kid yourself not!
Even with a knee down,
I can always get up.
And though you know
your way well, around
my pesky little heart,
there is one thing, you’ll
always be wrong about…
No matter how agile one
could think you would be,
you’ll never manage to pull
anger nor hate out of me…

No matter how agile you
think you can be, I’ll never
forget you like you decided
to erase me…

11 thoughts on “Not so…

    1. I’m just a big bag of memories… Like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together, never knowing what the final image will be until I put the last one in… 😉 Just here to entertain! xx


      1. This means so much to me, thank you, dear Bag Lady 🙂 *hugs* And yes, I think we all have that souvenirs bag we slowly fill…. Some of us use it to create, some just keep the memories to themselves 🙂


  1. Mmmmm! I like this. I really admire your poet’s skill in creating a world in which a special relationship exists and revealing that relationship to us, the readers, using so few words. Such a skill!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Anne 🙂 Feedback like this is the greatest fuel to keep this swirl of fantasy stories dancing in my head coming… I am truly touched by your very kind words, and so happy these stories speak to you…. Muaah!


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