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After Eight Moments…


Never fear to stand out…



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7 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. Thank you Suze 🙂
      Taking a short break from trip stuff (I have been falling asleep before doing any follow up on my blog since I flew out of Montreal…) to give a little feedback before people start believing I got kidnapped 😛

      When I walked by this fence, and saw this little branch making its way through, I just thought “way to go branch!” – of course, we can’t see the huuuuge bush behind the fence on the picture 😛 But I could and I thought that little branch was a real warrior, and then I thought, ok, that’s awkward thoughts, but it would make a nice enough pic, though 😛



  1. Hello Cyranny,
    I love this type of image. I’ve captured one very similar to this and found a story to match.
    I adore your take on this capture 🦋💕


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