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Sunshine Blogger Award…



It has been a while since I’ve last received and completed an award nomination, and I thought today was a good day to catch up on one of them…

So, first of all, I’d like to thank the wonderful, and colorful Bag Lady for nominating me! Me and The Bag Lady go a long way back, and I don’t get tired of her poetry, short fiction pieces, and most of all her presence on an almost daily basis… She is very active, on WordPress, and it is always a pleasure to exchange a few words with her! Please pay her a little visit, if you don’t already know her!!  Thank you again Bag Lady… Muuuaaaah!



Part one… Check! Part two…. Oh, right, this would be easier with the questions!!




My answers:

  1. No. But I almost lost a maze once. I was visiting the Egeskov Castle, in the Southern part of Funen (Yes, in Denmark, how did you know??) There was a maze on the map of the big property, but we just couldn’t find it. I guess I didn’t really “loose” it since I didn’t have it to begin with, but the maze was lost… Hmmm, still, I guess my final answer is: No!
  2. It isn’t a fear or a phobia, but I am absolutely disgusted with the blood system. I don’t have any problem with needles, but I almost have to be tied to a gurney to have blood drawn from me, and I punch and kick when people dressed in white try to take my blood pressure.
  3. I’ll use my call to a friend on this one… Colin! You’re from Scotland… Does Nessie exist?
  4. Denmark… starting May 4th 2016! To live my first trip to Vikingland all over again. I could probably come up with more interesting choices, but I’d end up changing things in the past, and fecking up the future…  Not wise!
  5. Hmmm… One magical power…. (I can’t believe I just Googled “magical powers” to choose one!!) I think I’d take “Channeling” which is to be able to take control and use others’ powers! If channeling is not available, I’ll take healing or teleportation, please! Or both, since you couldn’t offer me my first choice… That just seems fair!
  6. It really depends more on what I am doing than the actual time of day. If it involves the company of a good friend, a glass of Pinot Noir and some cheese and patés to spread on little croutons… You might have put your finger on it!!
  7. As a child, I wanted to be a vet. Growing up, I wanted to be an ophthalmologist… But both have to do with blood vessels at some point, so I am guessing that I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed myself that much… Later, after a couple of years working in calling centers, I offered a couple of colleagues that we opened a sexy hotline, since we got dirty talkers all the time and didn’t get paid for being told nasty things (Hey… I have a nice voice on the phone, might as well make money off it, no??) But the said co-workers didn’t embark, and I said it was a joke, and I am not rich yet. Now, I dream about buying a Danish Island (a really tiny one would do) have a little house built on it (a really tiny one would do) and write all day long, hoping to make money out of it… And just enough to pay for the island, the house and the internet connection would do! LOL
  8. I’ve had many “weird” things happen to me in the last 39 years… But one I like is when I replied to a lawyer living in the same building as me, and that pleaded that I had stolen her beloved cat… By picking up my dear Poupine, turning her around in the air, and lifting her tail to show that she didn’t have balls. (the lawyer had a male cat). I would have said “I rest my case!” but I wasn’t sure if she was bilingual (the lawyer, not the cat) and the phrase is far less funny in French!
  9. 4. Not 94, just 4.
  10. Maybe I should make some coffee…   Here’s the phone, so you can call in sick for tomorrow!
  11. Mads Mikkelsen!


Now I have to pick new nominees? (I don’t like that part, because I like so many blogs and bloggers, and I know some don’t do Awards anymore, but I’m never sure who… and I know some people have already been awarded… but hey! Here is my list anyway… Feel free to jump in and do as if I had put you there even if you don’t see your name below!!


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7 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award…

  1. I Bet I can copy those answers….they are really good answers…how am I supposed to come up with better ones? no fair! Thanks for the nomination sweetie…and I love the questions…..


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