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My crazy brains…

I love waxwing birds… They are among my favorite feathered friends, and I am lucky because we have a lot of them in my neighbourhood, even if I live in a big city.

I prefer their name in French, though. Jaseur de bohème, litterally “Bohemian chatter”. More poetic than “waxwing”.

I like the little things, because they look like flying water paintings.




Today, I was watching the usual flock (well, actually just guessing here, because they pretty much all look the same). Waxwing birds love the little fruit shown on the above picture. At work, we have two trees that become, during Springtime, all-you-can-eat restaurants for my pretty waxwings. Just without the bill!

My eyes were going from one bird to another, just enjoying their ballet from branch to branch, when something tickled my crazy brains.

The said little fruit are not so little, if you’re thinking waxwing-wise (which you probably aren’t, and that’s why I am here! You can thank me later!) In fact, in comparison, it would probably be as if I swallowed a whole grapefruit. And then another, and then another… And then went flying for a while.

How do they even manage to do that???

I mean… I couldn’t hold a couple of unchewed grapefruits in my stomach, even if I was offered a first class plane seat…



I know, I know… The doctors, and the rocket scientists… Meh.  #wastingpreciousbrainactivity




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