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The Best in the West…

My grand’ma used to say that all the time. But I am not even sure it is a true English expression…  Anyway.

I am on the couch, catching up with people, and sorting my thoughts (not an easy thing with all the clutter after the past week). The tv is on, but on mute… I enjoy the little silence I can get in a day.

But here’s what showed up on Samsung’s screen…


Yet another company who came up with a Super-Mega-Extra-Enhanced-Wow-Neverseenbefore version of their product.

I get it, everybody likes cleaner teeth, whiter whites, brighter colors, better smelling homes and the like… I am no different.

But why do they keep selling the old stuff? Why would I buy the regular product, over the Super version, or the Super-Mega one? Why aiming for anything less than the best? Because the companies don’t sell their less-effective products much cheaper than the new one. Why do they still make not-so-good-anymore products?

I know why… It is just a commercial game.

But my brain still wonders… Why??




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