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Having a Kick…



Kicking men aside
was one of her strong points
she reveled in the simplicity
the elegance of the momentWhich pair should I wear today?
she asked herself, standing in front of her shoes
waiting, seemingly calling out to her
“take me, kick me, ooh Baby, I like that a lot”

The men liked it as well
think of how they bragged
after having been kicked by one so proud
and strong, “She did me again, last night….”

Kicked by shoes so elegant, fine lines curving
the single detail not lost on those who felt
the sharp retort of her power
the momentary pain of

Who should enjoy my pain tonight?
she asked herself in the mirror
not wanting to deny anyone
the pleasures of her biting stare
her calm stroking fingers, tightening
around their necks, but no!

The kick of her shoes
was the ultimate death
the timing and the precision
the loving way that she sneered
after the deed had been done,

Having a kick
she was….

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