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In between lines…

I was reading the post of an amazing woman (read Linda, from the Cabbage Patch) just a moment ago, and it got me thinking.

Probably not the kind of thinking she intended to rise among her readers, and if so… Well, I raise her my hat, because her way to do so was incredibly subtle!!  LOL

Linda mentions her love for colouring. And a sentence caught my eye…

I am also a “stay inside the lines” colouring badass…

My first thought was “Dang, I rule at colouring in between lines to!!” with a useless sense of pride. And then the machine started rolling…

I remember colouring when I was a child. Probably like most of us, I started really really early in life… My first attempts being merely meetings between paper and crayons, with no real intention to follow lines, or give my “work” any artistic feel. With time, and the coaching of Mom, and other thoughtful adults, I was taught that I had to choose the colours, and fill the spaces to give life to the pictures… I worked hard, I tamed the lines, and found a way not to trespass them. The pictures got more and more intricate, the spaces smaller and smaller, and the lines closer to each other day after day.

Still, I rocked the colouring world, to the great pride of Mom and Dad (well, probably more Mom’s… I don’t think Dad gave it that much attention, lol).

But now I wonder…

Up to today, I just saw colouring as a simple way to be creative, to relax, and spend time… What if it wasn’t? What if it was one of my very first lessons about Life?

What if it was an uncouncious way of teaching me to follow rules, to stay on track, not to cross lines in my future life? What if colouring inside the lines had a deeper meaning?

Are there children who rebel, and never accept to be cast in the mold of colouring inside the lines? Or just don’t achieve to do so, even with the best will?

I bet they didn’t think some thirty-some years later, I’d be asking myself that kind of questions…

I wonder what would happen if I decided to cross the lines now…


I think I am over thinking again… Meh!



6 thoughts on “In between lines…

  1. I truly believe colouring inside/outside the lines has a deeper meaning. Given my upbringing, I’ve always ‘understood’ that I was to follow the rules and stay within the boundaries that were set for me.

    But, oh, what I would have given to be a rebel, an ‘outside the lines’ colouring badass. Hmmm, do you think that, at the tender age of 53, it’s too late for me? 😉

    As always, great post. So glad mine inspired it. ❤️

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    1. I think it’s never too late… But again, it gets me thinking.

      Would the veteran rebels welcome us with open arms, offerint help with their experience at being badasses? Or would they look down on us, laugh at us, point and chuckle “Look guys!! Look at the wannabe badasses over there! *snort* They’ll never make it!!” ?

      Hmmm I wish I had an on/off switch on that brain of mine….

      *Hugs* Gorgeous 🙂 🙂

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  2. It is never too late! Color outside those badass lines woman! I wish as a teen I had been a color between the lines kind of girl. I would have had a much easier life I am sure. BUT those outside drawings of mine sent me charging into the fray of racial injustice, sexism, and political rowdy-dows……….and I wouldn’t change my activism one tiny bit.

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    1. I am glad you were/are a cross-liner Suze! It made you who you are, and Life made a pretty dang good job!!

      It is a pity we have to go through struggles from time to time, some more often than others, but a peaceful life would make people boring in the end…

      *Hugs* to you, just the way you are, and the way you have become you 🙂


  3. Great post. I never thought of it that way and I’m 73 but now that you have me thinking about it I think it could be an early lesson about life and what is expected of us. However, I must confess that I did color outside the lines at times in my life, I think we all do that on occasion and that’s Ok because we know where the lines are and can keep within them when necessary. Thank you for sharing. ☺☺


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