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Spike, or a rare insight into my girly side… (yes, I have one)

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No, really. Most people I know just had a 4 days week because of Easter, but holidays don’t mean much where I work, and I had 3 hours of overtime each day of the past week.

Could I say “no” to Booh Boss concerning the overtime? Yes. But I put the hours in a bank, hoping to use them to fly again to Vikingland, as soon as possible… So, not really complaining, but it was a long five days to go through, and I was sitting, legs stretched on the sofa, staring at my blank post again tonight, when I had an idea!

You might remember, a few days back, when I had to clean my bedroom… And wrote all night to stay as far away as possible from the mess. Well, the next day, I pulled myself together, and did clean the whole thing, and found one shoe, of my favorite pair EVER.

Yes, one. The other one is probably in a closet, and I’ll find it in time… Probably.

One was enough to inspire me, though.

Back when I lived in Trois-Rivières, I wasn’t (and still am not) a shopping for clothes (or shoes, for that matter) kind of girl. But one day, I walked in front of the shop where I got my tattoo. They always had funky clothes to sell, and I stopped to have a peek at the display in the window.

I fell in love.

With a very cool pair of silver grey spike heels with furious black kitten and little stars all over them! They weren’t that expensive, but I knew I’d probably almost never wear them… I walked away, but they stuck to my silly mind.

Everytime I walked passed the store, I gave the kitties a look, and they seemed to be purring my way, although they never changed their pissed off faces. But I talked to myself, and continued on, thinking I didn’t neeeeeed them.

But I did. For some reason, I kept thinking about them, and I thought “hey, what the Dang! I’ll just go try them out next time!”

Which I did a few days later. Of course, they fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper, and there I was, looking at myself in the mirror, with a girl covered in tattoos from head to toe, telling me how cute they looked on me.

Cute?? Heck girl, they looked fierce! I almost did! I could imagine myself shaking my bombom in a kickass party, wearing them. And the crowd Ooooing and Aaahhhing around me… And that tall, handsome guy in the back of the room, walking in slow motion, on a very languorous background music and greeting me with his cutest smile, saying with a deep sexy voice…

– Evening, Miss… I was checking you from afar… And I had to tell you, those incredible stilettos really compliment your ankle tattoo, and the galb of your sensual calves! Would you please grant me this dance?

Ok. Maybe I didn’t look that good in them, but they were “wow” to me, and I felt unusually comfortable in them, so… I brought them back home!

I’ll be honest, I only wore them three or four time since. If you don’t consider the countless times I wore them at home, for no reason. I even used to dress up, pull up my hair and put some make up, so they (the kitties) didn’t feel I was mocking them!

I know, I’m crazy!

So… They had gone missing, after our last night out together, and now I found the left one. I’m pretty sure the other one must be in the closet, somewhere. I’ll find it! I’m on a mission now!

In the meanwhile, it inspired me this picture;


(OMG, I’d soooo love if you’d battle me on this one, OM! If you read this, I dare you, Jason!!)

This picture represents me well. A little girly side, a little “girly, me?? Dang no! Let me wear those pjs all day” side, and a hockey game playing in the background, while I write this post.

As I was told a few days ago, I am complex. And I like that!

Weird and complex… Yes Ma’am and yes Sir!

Oh, I heard someone wondering about the kitty, not seeing it on the picture? Of course, I thought about it!



Meow, baby!




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