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Red red wine…



He went to the kitchen, and came back with two wine glasses and a bottle of Pinot Noir.

-I really shouldn’t… I am a little tired after all the walking.

He ignored her comment and opened the bottle, slowly pulling out the cork. He poured the dark red wine in the glasses and handed her one.

-Just one glass, to celebrate our day together. If there should be only one, we should enjoy it to the fullest. It is a good bottle, I think you’ll like it!

He smiled to her and she did the same, taking the glass from his hand. Everything had been a bit surreal, from early in the morning, until just now. She had waken up early in the morning, watched the sun rise, and prepared for the day to come. He had picked her up, in front of the apartment where she stayed while in town.

They both knew it was a one day deal. An open window that soon would be shut again, for good. It had made her strangely nervous and confident at the same time. Nervous that any mistake could make the whole experience go terribly wrong, and confident that no matter how it went, it would be a nice souvenir to carry around in the future.

They had exchanged small talk, and he had driven her out of town, to catch back on conversations they had never started in the past… They had gone sightseeing, to places she had only imagined, and that he knew all too well. Things had gone as smoothly as a day can go by. They had eaten in a nice little café, switching between deep thoughts sharing and just joking around, over what was their first, only and last shared dinner.

There had been no misunderstanding so far, which was unusual for them… They had always found a way not to fully understand each other’s words in the past. Maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that they could pause at any time and read each other’s thoughts from an exchanged look. She would miss that, but there was no time to think about it just now.

He had driven her to his house once the sun had set. And there they were, facing the end of a day they both wished could have been stretched a little.

-To our day.

They gently knocked their glasses together.  She took a first sip, tasting the wine as he waited for her approval. She tipped her head to confirm she liked it, and he took a sip too.

For a long while, they continued talking. The light was dim in the living room, and they lost themselves in more serious conversations about their pasts and their futures. When she drank her glass’ last sip, he grabbed the bottle.

-I don’t think it’s a good idea… I’d like to keep a clear head, you know?

Again, he ignored her and poured more wine in her glass. She already felt warmed up by the alcohol, but she thought she could drip her lips once or twice more… She was on vacation after all.

Time was flying by, and neither of them wanted to mention it would soon be over for good. There were a few silences, heavy of sense, but nothing more. His laughter always made up for their sad pauses.

She left him to go to the bathroom. On her way back, she noticed she was beginning to feel like she had two left feet. In the living room, she tripped and he quickly stood to catch her arm and help her join him on the couch. She giggled, and he laughed back. After a short silence, he stared at her.

-I will miss your eyes…

She blushed. Her cheeks felt like they were burning, and to avoid saying something stupid, she took a sip, good excuse to escape his blue eyes gaze. She felt something exciting and scary at the same time. She was troubled and wondering how it could be. But they were there, the butterflies in her stomach, keeping her from looking him straight in the eyes again.

-Did I say something wrong?

She shook her head, and drank from her glass again. His voice seemed a little deeper now and she wondered if it was just the wine affecting her senses. She did feel tipsy, and she stretched an arm to put her glass on the table. He didn’t speak again, leaving her wondering. Bringing her hand back, she brushed it against his knee. It wasn’t intentional, but it made the butterflies flutter once again.

Suddenly, she surprised herself wondering where the night would lead them…






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