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Just a Whisper of Hope…




That has brought your thoughts to me

a single element

of surprise, won out by the relentless

pounding of my heart

next to yours,


Hoping that we might meet again,

by chance, by plan

hoping that the magic that seems to blossom

every time that I see the smiles, light up on

your face,

hoping that the fervent want, to fall into

your embrace, lingering

through the night and more,


Blowing out the candles, and looking out of the window

to the streets of the city, below

thousands of lives, hearts beating, the throb of the city

below my feet,


You stirred in your sleep, and called my name

I stood there, just

and considered the time spent, and the hours

of longing, waiting, hoping against hope

wanting  nothing more than to, to


Your words, no more than whispers

faint traces of a breeze, blowing through

the curtains,

a warmth, a pleasing way of thinking

a memory of times past,


Just a whisper of hope,

of hope….

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