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Make it work!



My first reaction to this quote was to giggle.

I just pictured Life looking at me, her (yeah life – la vie – is feminine in French) fists on her hips. I couldn’t blame her, I am not perfect either, far from it, and she hasn’t left me yet. So I guess I can put up with a few flaws…

I am not a Care Bear. I sometimes think Life sucks like anybody else. I can be a professional whiner, but with the years, I’ve learned that it was better to spend my whining time by myself since nothing good can come out of it.

The rest of the time, I try to make it work. Not meaning that I will succeed. I often fail. I failed at doing tons of things the last 38 years…. Some I tried again and eventually mastered, some I just had to forget about.

And I think that three “rules” help me to keep trying. I thought I’d share them, since they fit with the above quote. (and if you don’t agree, well… I appologize for wasting your time! lol)


If you don’t try, you won’t succeed

Seems obvious, right? If you don’t buy a lotery ticket, no use in dreaming about winning the jackpot. The same applies to your life. If you don’t do those little steps that seem foolish or unlikely to work at first, you will not realize your dreams. That’s just a certainty.


If you really want something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse

I know it doesn’t apply to everything in life, but in general, it is true. Think about all those things you didn’t do in your life because of this and that keeping you from it. If you look closely, you’ll figure that there would have been a way to do it, but some sacrifices, minor or not would have been necesary, and you just didn’t care enough to make them. It is just human. But being aware of it is very helpful to achieve goals and dreams!


If your life or health is not at stake, it’s not that bad

There will always be bad twists as the years roll on. Unexpected expenses, job loss, divorce… Tough times to go through, often very tough. But nothing definitive. Again, it is not easy to keep it in mind when bad luck strikes, but if you do, you’ll see how differently you’ll look at the bumps on the road…


I am not saying that these three sayings will do the work for you, but they have been usefull to me, in times I thought I couldn’t make it work


2 thoughts on “Make it work!

  1. I saw this on Facebook tonight and commented that just because something isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it’s still a good fit for my life. I need to look at the reality of the situation before I decide to try to make it work. Sometimes it’s best to let it go.

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    1. Interesting way to look at it… I agree that not everything in life has to be fixed or worked on, sometimes we have to choose our battles. Otherwise we’d just burn ourselves trying to make everything perfect!

      Thank you for sharing your view 🙂 xx

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