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Comeback, flash “Meet & Greet” style…

Hello Lovelies!

5h30 in the morning, and realizing that I’ve been back in Montréal for a week now, giving myself excuses for the last 7 days not to get to work, dust off the Cove, go back to the comment box and answer the messages I had left pending. Because, yeah, I was in Vikingland, and then, yeah, I was getting used to not being in Vikingland anymore (it is hard to get back to reality, you know?), and then, it was just planin laziness.

I wanted to put a few quarters in the jukebox, and light up the neon signs and warm up the coffee pots and put some beer in the fridge, waiting for you to drop by, but every reason seemed good to postpone to the next day.

But I am back in Blogland now, and I hope you beautiful people are still hanging around! Because the Cove won’t be the Cove if I don’t manage to bring back some action!! Publishing stories is nice, but let’s face it, if we don’t chit chat and exchange views, it’s just not the same!

So I thought I’d try to make this some kind of Meet & Greet flash event (given that we are already Sunday morning, and the weekend is almost over already – for those who are off on weekends that is, lol).



I never held a M & G before, except that time we partied at Linda’s a while back. But that was fun… We covered the house with toilet paper, partied all night and I think I remember Madame Suze driving the tractor arround the Patch, parading the local firemen on a George Micheal “Too Funky” background music… Or was that just in my dreams? There was a lot of Tequila involved, but we also mingled a great deal, before crashing in between the cabbages.

Good times!

So, If you have a few minutes, just follow these few simple rules and help me make this a successful event (it’ll never compare to trashing Linda’s place, but we’ll have fun, I promise!!);

  1. Leave me a little note in the comment box below, presenting yourself and link in your recent favorite post(s). Share your work, or something from a fellow blogger… I have been off the Reader thread for almost two weeks now, and it is a little numbing to try to scroll through all the posts I’ve missed. But I’ll make sure to go read any recommended post you leave for me and the other Lovelies passing by!
  2. Share the invitation to your readers!!  Having been away doesn’t mean I don’t want to discover new faces, and I’d be glad to see new people join the party! The more the merrier “they” say… (Still investigating who the dang “they” are…)
  3. Mix and mingle, and take time to have a cup of coffee, or a shot of Akvavit (yeah, I brought some back from Vikingland… feel free to try it if you dare!)


Now I’ll be off to answering my pending messages, bare with me if you’ve been waiting for a while… And I also want to update the World(press) Amazing Race page, and track down where our little friends ended up while I was looking the other way 🙂

Sorry, I didn’t bake all kinds of goodies like Mack did for her first Meet & Greet (geeeez, Mack just rulez, you’ve got to visit her!) but I am looking forward to learn how to make things like;





chokolade boller



And other Danish yummy treats! So, maybe… Next time we throw a party in the Cove, I’ll have something just out of the oven for your good pleasure!!

So…. Time to party! Don’t be shy, leave us a little something on your way out, and make sure to come and check what other bloggers have to share!

And to all of you, a grrrrreat Sunday!

(ok, I have that song in my head now… Might as well leave the link before I hit the “publish” key!)


9 thoughts on “Comeback, flash “Meet & Greet” style…

    1. Hi there Brett! Thank you for the visit 🙂 Those Danish pastries are absolutely delicious… Even if I don’t have a sweet tooth, I had a lot of trouble keeping out of every bakery I walked across while in Denmark, I hope I’ll learn to bake some of them eventually 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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