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The perfect wedding dress…

Originally published in January 2016… One of the posts I am still happy with, after almost a year gone by… I hope some of you will enjoy it too! 🙂

Cyranny's Cove

This morning, still in the keeping-eyes-open process, and dealing with a 3 pound kitten that is convinced she is a cheetah… (Can’t blame her, we all had our phase haven’t we?)

First (or about) post my eyes fall upon is called “The perfect wedding dress”… Chill down my spine, but not the usual “Oh-chéri-let’s-get-married-so-I-can-get-a-dress-like-that” chill…. Nah, not quite.

I had a rendez-vous with the perfect wedding dress in the past… En aftale you could also say. Although then, Denmark didn’t mean anything to me (I was still young and foolish). I had then, by some still unsolved mystery (William Shatner is investigating it for his “Weird or what” show… Did you know he was born in Montréal? Just saying…)… So I had managed to charm a French prince (no…. Not Will Smith, pay attention, please) with my words only, internet not allowing live camera chats back then and, quite frankly…

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