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Oh no…

My worst nightmare. Ok, I might be a little over dramatic here, but still… It is scary, and it saddens me, and I think I might just call in sick (anything not to go to the office, lol)

The disease is spreading! You might remember, a few days ago, when Australia lost its flag?

Well, WP has hit again, and now Ireland went flagless!!!




Distress might be a little too intense to describe my feelings right now, but I am definately worried… Why, Oh why me? What did I say/do/think to deserve to have my flags slowly taken away from me?? Some people don’t even check their flags…. Steal theirs, won’t you??

What if Denmark’s Dannebrog faded away from my stats??Β  Nooooooo…. I can’t let that happen! WP, stop playing with my fragile sanity!!

28 thoughts on “Oh no…

      1. Thanks Doug!! I hope you don’t lose any though… Not everybody cares about them, but I don’t feel any WP blogger should lose flags along their blogging journey LOL

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      1. At least the doctor was from North Dakota and understood. He said, “So Saturday you didn’t come because you were shooting and blowing things up. Then Sunday you didn’t come because you were too worn out from Saturday, right?” Uhhh..yeah.

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    1. Something is definitely wrong with WP! I think it must be a secret code or something… Maybe a crypted message from aliens…. Maybe they are displaying where they will invade Earth first… OMG OMG OMG!

      Or maybe WP is just broken! /o\

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      1. I think there is some psychological experiment behind all this… Letting us blog for free, and then pulling all those “wannabe technical mishappenings” waiting to see how the bloggosphere will react lol

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    2. Wait wait wait!! There is a link…. I lost Australia, and then Ireland, right? Then Ireland and Gemany go missing from your stats! I think we have to find someone that lacks Germany + one mystery country and so on…. Like a game of dominos, leading us somewhere… πŸ˜›

      Or maybe I just need some rest LOL

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      1. Yup. It’s clearly a hidden message. Who knows what WordPress is hiding from us? I think we need to make this into a blogging event XD πŸ˜‰

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      2. Great idea!! Some kind of “what flag are you missing?” thing!!

        We’ll end up trading missing ones like kids trade Pokemons…

        Wait! Did I just refer to Pokemons? Really?? That must be the sign of some flash fever from nowhere!! lol

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    1. It is funny, since I noticed the glitch, your flag has been on and off… Maybe WP is just trying to bring my attention on Australia? I wouldn’t blame it. I am building an interesting connexion with Aussies lately πŸ™‚


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