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I don’t want to argue but…



I am pretty… pretty pretty pretty sure that is not the Australian flag, WordPress…

Pretty sure, but I am often wrong!


21 thoughts on “I don’t want to argue but…

    1. Thanks for the idea, Biff (btw… Nice name!!)

      I can’t believe I did, but I actually went and clicked on the “flag” just to be sure… I have had some weird stuff happening on WP before, and tried even weirder things to make my blog work properly again


      Only this time it didn’t work… So I am still investigating on the more than mysterious disappearing of Australia’s flag…

      I hope you’ll stand by, in case you have others tips or clues for me?? 🙂


    1. 🙂 I think WP is just asking for attention, as if I wasn’t spending enough time here as it is… Yesterday night Australia’s flag was back, and this morning, I’m back with the Gravatar logo…. What the dang, really? The higher powers of WP must be pulling my leg!!

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    1. 🙂 Yeah, I had noticed it was (and still is this morning) the Gravatar logo… but sometimes I like to play dumb, because it is funnier lol Let’s hope I don’t loose more flags to random logos… I think WP knows how important flags are to me 😛

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    1. LOL You (real) flag was back yesterday night, and the Gravatar logo was back this morning…

      Maybe WP doesn’t have enough Australian flags for everybody?? That’s a sad thought…. hihihih


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