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Fresh breath…


I’m big on mints… A fresh breath is one important thing!

When I went to the Dollar Store the other day, I came upon the above. Thrills. In my mind, it just spells “Yuck”. Why oh why would someone want to have a soap scented breath?? Worse, why would someone want to have a taste of soap in their mouth??

I just have a feeling that this began as a joke. A joke that obviously made some silly people rich.

It is inspiring in a way, though. If people can make money out of making others chew on soap, there is hope that I’ll find a way not to worry about bills anymore!

Do you know this awfull gum brand? Does any of you enjoy this weird to-say-the-least taste?

7 thoughts on “Fresh breath…

    1. I know, right? And if they still sell it, it MUST mean some people actually buy it…. Don’t worry, I stole mine, I don’t want the company to think I encourage them!! LOL


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