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Sweetest death…


Awakened by the first rays of light, she watched him as he lay in the messed up linen…  God, was he handsome! Imperfectly perfect, and perfectly hers. He had never said so, but she had claimed him as her own anyway.

Crawling on his back, covering his naked body with hers, she felt him waking up while she pressed her ear to his skin to listened to his heart beating…

-Good morning, my dear….

He answered with a slight grunt.

She kept whispering, her lips brushing lightly against the bare skin of his shoulder….

-I could die here and now. It would be the sweetest death.

And she smiled as she imagined the epitaph on her tombstone…

She died furiously in love…

She couldn’t imagine any better way to leave this world. Lost in her reveries, she almost didn’t notice how he had rolled and locked her in his embrace. And she smiled, staring at his greyish gaze, hoping she’d never love him any less than this very moment. Reading her thought, as usual, he broke the morning silence.

-You’ll never have to die, sweetheart…

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