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More books…


I told Madame Suze I would suggest her more good readings… And after the success of Madame Gabaldon’s bestseller “War” I thought I should as well share with all of you!!




First… War 2 – The Sequel.  As good as the first, and my favorite of the two for several reasons. I suck at remembering names, and there are far less characters in the sequel, since so many died in the first. Also, I cried so much during War, that I attacked (HAH!) the second book with a different approach. I made sure not to get attached to ANY of the characters… A lot less expensive, kleenex wise!



Don’t get fooled by the skeleton on the cover… It is some obscure metaphore, but this IS a love story soooo different from all others you have read. A man, and a woman, not bound to meet, and certainly not made for each other have to go through a series of events, and I won’t tell you what happens at the end but… Whooohooo the bedroom scene around page 375… Yeah…  Here again I didn’t let myself get attached to the charachers… Just in case! Hey, one of them could have been sick without anybody knowing!



Now among all American comedians… Mary is on my crème de la crème list! She cracks me up EVERYTIME. This is a great bedstand book, or like I do, a good read for the office, since all the jokes are really really short! Learn two or three for your next party! Guaranteed success with your hosts!



I am preparing my trip…. Remember? So, it is just normal that a few of my favorite Dane-related books are here too… I recommend Le livre du hygge… And if you are a little patient, you might get Suze’s English version… There probably will be a lot less candles and woolen socks, but I bet it will be very entertaining!!



2 thoughts on “More books…

  1. OH wow! I think I should probably read the last two you recommended Cyr! After all, I have been appointed as the new dictator of denmark by Wayne NottheDane…I bet there are tons of ideas on how to dictate to the Danes in those! I loved the title of “Le livre du hygge” Now I remember from my years of Latin that Livre ISN’T Latin so I am going to have to translate not only for our dear lovely followers, but also for myself….so Livre…..sounds like libre..which starts the words liberty… it’s a STATUE! Got it! now for the rest of the words. DU…well that would be two, wouldn’t it? of course it is a book about two statues! Le is lay of course…so something is laying two statues or two statues are laying something. think the first idea has more merit. after all how does a statue lay anything? OKAY, one word to go. woot! Hygge….hygge? well it is an obvious misspelling of the word WIG..that editor should be ashamed of themselves for letting that get by them… the book is titled “Laying a wig upon two statues”!
    Now, since you will get to denmark before my grand installation as the new Dictator, I’d like to borrow that map book when I arrive. You will of course meet me with a marching band and some manly viking types at the airport. I’ll let you know my departure date when NottheDane Wayne sends me my air tickets.

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    1. Suze…. Your intuition with French is flabbergasting, and I must say, it is almost scary to see how you master it without any Internets consulting or dictionary required.

      I most definately recommend both the Hygge book (in short, the fine art of candles, woolen socks and hot beverages spent in good company… Can’t be against any of that!!) and the Lonely Planet one…

      I also have a Danish learning grimmoire… but it is from French to Danish, so you’d have to translate the whole thing to English first…. Might delay your dictatorship a bit…. But let me know if you still want it!

      Regarding your plane ticket…. Notthedane’s paying for you??? Hah! That’s something he didn”t go bragging about! Why do you think I am traveling in February, sitting next to the back toilets??

      I don’t have almost but not quite still more than I am Rich Dane paying for me!! I hope you enjoy the Champagne and caviar aboard your flight!! Heldig kartoffel!!


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