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Taking orders…

I know some of you are envious when Mother Nature is granting us with a snowstorm. I totally understand you.

We’re getting 10 to 20 cm today, in Montréal, and here’s proof of what I am saying.



To please those of you who didn’t get your snow share for Christmas, here is your last chance to celebrate the turn of year in the most jolly way…

I am taking orders to deliver the winter fun to your door! Just let me know how big your front yard is, and where I should get the white stuff sent…

And don’t worry about availability. Some cities will get about 50 cm. There should be enough for all of you snow-cravers!!




12 thoughts on “Taking orders…

      1. There’s something exotic about snow, when you’ve always seen it on tv… I, for myself, lived for 5 years in Africa, with no snow, and I missed it… I can see why people would dream about it 😉

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  1. I need some snow. I even agrees with me. It is cold enough to last a good while so i would only need one if you could send some to post office box a26 suziland, Oklahoma i sure would appreciate it! thanks.

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    1. I have sent a shitload of it… Sorry, I know it might sound rude, but “shitload” is just a fun word for us Frenchies… Well, for me and my best friend, at least….

      So your shitload of snow is on its way, please take pictures with the snowmen you’ll make….

      I picked the best quality just for you…. Fluffy though sticky enough to make stuff out of it….



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