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Not crazy…



Don’t listen to the microwave, we had a fight last week, and it’s been holding a grudge ever since.

With that being said, I can understand why some people might doubt my sanity… I do have weird thoughts sometimes. Want an example to see who you’re really dealing with? Sure…

I refuse to think that I am totally unique. With all the people on the globe, I can’t beleive there is not one person doing the exact same thing, at the exact same moment. It is just not possible. Stastistically speaking, there has to be someone, somewhere on the planet who is wondering if someone is wondering too. And here I am… Ha!

So… every now and then, I get very aware of that non-uniqueness, and I challenge Humanity by doing something unexpected and useless… And weird.

It amuses me to think that because of me, someone somewhere is doing something silly.

So next time you get an urge to act strange for no reason, it might be my fault. Sorry! (no, I’m not lol)




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