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Midnight City…

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Neon lights and late night drinks had awakened her taste for blood. She had spared him way longer than what she had expected. It had been fun, playing the ingenue all along, but her true nature was bound to surface some day… Or some night. Tonight.

By some slick trick of hers, she had sneaked on the backseat of his car, and she was now just a curvy shadow on the leather seat. A black panther, sharpening her claws in the dim moonlight.

The minutes added on the dashboard, and she could feel her excitment was building with anticipation when the clock finally hit midnight.

From afar, she saw his silhouette getting out of the building. His late night shift over, he walked towards the car, oblivious to the dangers that awaited him in the darkness. She couldn’t mistake him with anyone else. She new his every moves… Yes, he was finally coming her way.

She had yearned for this moment more than any of the previous times. She wondered for a second if she had waited this long because of the delightful feeling she had luring him slowly or if she had made the mistake of getting to like him…  But it didn’t matter anymore, the time had come, and there was no turning back.

The sound of the key unlocking the door gave her goosebumps. You’re mine now!  She thought, as he sat behind the wheel. Moving swiftly in the dark, she leaned between the front seats and murmured a cold greeting to his ear.

Strikken by the surprise, his head spun her way and fear immediately faded into relief when he recognized her.

–  Oh, it’s only you, sweety…  How did you get…

But before he could finish his question, her left arm had stretched around his chest, and her hand held a dagger to his neck. The blade reflecting the streetlight’s shine, his look was torn between fear and wonder. Taking advantage of his astonishment, she leaned a bit closer and slowly licked his neck, feeling the pulse of his jugular on her way to his ear.

He obviously didn’t expect her to nibble on his earlobe, stepping a bit at the feeling of her sharp teeth on his skin. The knife slid slightly on his neck, and her instincts sharpened at the sight of the drop of blood under his chin. She tilted her head, and pressed her lips on the superficial wound, moaning as she finally tasted him.

For the first time in her eternity, she had doubts… As her mouth made her way up his cheek, she wondered if she would be able to do it. He was so.. so… different. She knew lust. She used lust to trap men, and she used it well. She liked building up their desire. She liked seeing the fire in their eyes when she entered the room, and she only gave herself when she knew she was about to take them down for good.

There was a strange satisfaction in the mix of the purest celebration of life and the embrace of death in the same night. A perfect symbiosis of moans and cries, pleasure and pain. And she dealt very well with that.

What now? Touching him for the first time, she felt different. She did crave for his caresses, and couldn’t wait to wrap her naked body around his, but there was more to it… For the first time she feared loosing someone. Was that what they called “love”?

Shaking her thoughts, she realized that either ways, it was too late to back off. He didn’t seem about to run away, so she removed the dagger from under his chin and made her way on the passenger seat.

– Start the car!

Her tone wasn’t as hard as she had intended it. Leaning towards him, he surprised her by bending her way,  and kissing her lips feverishly. She could always offer him the choice… To stay with her forever, or disappear in the night. Either way, she would soon get to taste him again… Either way, blood would be shed… Tonight.


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema from A Reading Writer .❤


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