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Sheer peer pressure!

Previously posted 3 weeks ago… Then made private. Now getting complaints requests to re-post…. Here it is!


Now, I warn you one last time.

You can’t unsee what meets your eye.

I won’t pay for therapy or brainwashing! Don’t send your bills, I will just ignore them!

Now, I won’t say when and where this picture was taken. I won’t say how much Photoshop was used to make it ok to watch. I won’t say who’s on it. I won’t say it is me, nor deny it.

But it is a selfie shot. Showing a girl in a golden glittery gown.

I have delivered, or have I?…..    😉







34 thoughts on “Sheer peer pressure!

      1. I have friends with the same problem… I think it is worst than the other way around. Fat people get encouraged to loose weight, skinny are treated as if they were “lucky” not to gain weight, I think it must add to the frustration…. :/

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    1. I’ll scrape a little for you if you’d like, and send the gold dust in an envelope 😛 I don’t guarantie it is pure gold though (but I am pretty sure… hmmm, well then again, the dress really didn’t cost that much :P)

      I wish you a great weekend Newzo 🙂

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