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Loneliest meeting point…

I miss WP these days… I just don’t have time, and it makes me a tad cranky. I am working from noon to midnight, not leaving me much time to write (because I still enjoy taking time to eat and sleep every now and then, and it is nice to take a long shower or a hot bath too) and not much time to read… And not much time to comment and/or reply to comments…

But! It doesn’t mean that my brain is taking a vacation (I wish… for the both of us!)

Soooo… Today I woke up with dry lips, Trump running the appartment downstairs, a long shift to work through, the mild souvenir that Gary sucks and an overall “geeeezzz I wish I was in May again” feeling.

Here’s me taking a break (well you can’t actually see me, but I promise I am there, behind the cellphone, taking the picture). Notice the baby blue Québec skies and the still beautiful tree in the back…



And walking in the parking lot, looking for a little sun during my pause, I came near this sign.

“Point de rassemblement” means “meeting point”.  We are supposed to use it if the building catches on fire, and we have to evacuate. Gathering around the meeting point would then make it easier for Booh Boss to count us and make sure nobody had gone hiding in the bathroom.

There are about 20 people working in our building and we do fire exercices about once in every blue moon, when the fire department forces us to, or when Booh Boss is bored out of his mind.  Meaning, not a lot of company for “Meeting point”. So, staring at it, I felt sorry for the sign.

Yeah that’s right. I felt sorry for the sign.

I thought it probably was pretty excited when it got painted back at the sign-company. It probably dreamed about being put in an airport or a train station. And imagined being at the center of great gatherings… Sharing the joys of travelers meeting at the beginning of their adventure….

And it ended here… In our parking lot. Where nobody visits it.

Except me.


(point of view from my usual “taking a break” spot)


Some people use their brains to build airplanes and cure diseases…  I know… I know…




4 thoughts on “Loneliest meeting point…

  1. I like your sense of humour. The idea of a sign getting lonely makes me smile! There are over a thousand people in the office block in which I work in London’s Victoria Street. A couple of weeks ago we had a fire evacuation drill and the whole building evacuated! Fortunately all went well, everyone left quickly and no one got locked in a toilet! Kevin

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