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Picture battle…



Take that, Opinionated Man!!

Less sexy… Definitely. But I do have a baby clementine 🙂


And, no, I am not taking a selfie… Even if I am wearing my best glitter gown!


If you don’t understand….   Part 1, part 2.

7 thoughts on “Picture battle…

    1. LOL…. Let’s see if “We” is just “you” 😛 If the crowd is on your side, I’ll see what I can do… But I warn you, make sure to have sunglasses nearby. And you know what they say, you cannot unsee!

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      1. I am so outside of Blah-land that the gates are teensy-tiny shiny things far over the horizon……..yet because of my new and gorgeous computer glasses I can indeed still see them! haven’t read the non-posted post as …1 I am not psycho…….or is that psychic? hummmmm, and 2. You haven’t posted the post for me to read the actual post instead of the imaginary post so post it soon so I can read the actual post. phew!

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