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Looking up / looking down…



Seems just natural to me. Almost not worth mention.

Putting others down will never make you a better person. It might make you look better, because you make the other one look bad. But it won’t make you better.

I’d rather look up to more successful people, and get inspired by them, than look down on those who struggle, to feel in a better position. It is not always easy, since looking up to others means accepting they’re one (or many) step(s) ahead of you in the game… But it is much more rewarding in the end!

I can’t help but compare this to our little online community. And day after day, it amazes me how this looking-down-on-people attitude is almost unexistant on WordPress. Most of the prolific and successful bloggers around are so helpful to newcomers! The sharing and reblogging pushes new writers up, making their blogs bloom. I guess we have a “pay forward” attitude that is win/win for everyone…

If only we acted like that in “real life”, right?





14 thoughts on “Looking up / looking down…

  1. It feels amazing to know that there exist people in some part of the world who think like me. I still wonder how people could ever look down on some other? Its so terrible…. All of us are just different, mastering our own skills. That’s all. There is no sense in comparing. Anyway, I am so glad you took up the topic. Keep going friend…….

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    1. Thank you Jisha 🙂 I agree, there is no point in comparing ourselves all the time (except for things like the Olympic games… I think comparison comes in handy in those cases… LOL)

      Thank you for your good words, I hope to see you again in the Cove soon 🙂

      Btw, where in the world are you from? (I tried accessing your blog, but it says that it is closed) Do you have a link to visit you? 🙂


      1. It worked!! I followed you to be sure not to lose the link hehehe 🙂 Thank you!!

        Maybe you should just check the link to your avatar… because when I clicked on it, it would direct me to a closed page… 😦 Wouldn’t want you to miss on interested readers, just because of a bad link!


  2. Some people are just selfish and want everything for themselves and would rather make fun of you instead of trying to assist in anyway.
    On the other hand they are really some very good people in this world. Just like you mentioned, our WordPress community has some very kindhearted and helpful individuals who will support you in any way they can.
    Thanks for sharing cyranny!


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