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Jealous games…



Do you know the game?

Months ago, some friends of mine started playing and invited me to join in…

I like trivia, I have a weirdly wide knowledge of trivial facts (sometimes I wonder how amazingly brilliant I would be if I used my memory to remember important stuff instead of stocking on information like the number of dimples on a golf ball….) and the game seemed to be fit for my awkward brain. I did enjoy the game, but there are still just 24 hours in a day, and I had other priorities, like blogging, so I stopped accepting people’s challenges…

One day I received a message on my cellphone.

Hello? Still out there? It has been a while…. Why don’t you come out to play again?

(not the actual message, I deleted it, but it was something like it) I was puzzled.  A part of me thought it was a cute way to try to get back players that had given up the game, but deep down, I thought “Hey! If I want to play, I’ll play, no need to make me feel guilty for having a life!!”

As I just said, I trashed the message and went on with my life…. And after a few weeks, I got a new message from the Trivia Crack team.

Have you been cheating on me? It is ok, I’ll take you back if you come and play!

Whhhhuuuuut? “Cheating”?? “Take me back”?? I tried to find it cute again, but I was just annoyed with the tone of the message. I already have trouble dealing with human relationships as it is, why should I consider my rare online gaming as such? And with all the (good) reasons I have to feel cheap, why would I let the Internets make me feel bad about not playing often enough??

I deleted the application. I have enough opportunities to feel guilty for important reasons in my life. I don’t see why I should let the (otherwise useful) Internets make me feel like I am letting it down.

Thanks, but no thanks….

12 thoughts on “Jealous games…

    1. Thank you Suze 🙂

      I enjoy technologic advancement, but I’ll never go down the game shaming road! I wonder if the guilt scheme works with others…. I kind of find it sad that some people are that influenceable!

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  1. Great post!
    Years back, I had a similar problem with FarmVille. The game is a simulation but the guilt I felt when I let a crop die was real. Also I was spending hours accomplishing nothing. At least with the trivia game your stretching your brain. Life lesson learned. I kinda see the game companies like drug dealers, pushing them at you at every turn. They have commercials on the TV for apps now. Its craziness.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂

      I think companies understood that guilt is the best way to get people to do things…. No matter how shallow their requests are, it seems that the “are you letting us down?” plea is working with some of us….


      I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one realizing they are just “playing” (lol) with our minds 🙂

      Thanks for your visit to the Cove…. Hope to hear from you again 🙂

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    1. 🙂 Me too, Momma! In that kind of situations, I just wonder what childish brainstorm session ended up with a decision like that!

      “Hey guys! What about we send a message to passive players, to check out if they’ve been cheating on us with Candy Crush, or something…?”!

      And I bet those people have paychecks that would make mine roll up to hide its value! Why am I doing serious stuff for so little money?? 😛

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